Roasted chicken with avocadosalsa and butter beans with tomato & basil

Banana cupcakes with turquoise cream cheese frosting

The other day I was visiting my best friend Jette. She recently became a mum for the first time, to the cutest little baby boy. So I thought I’d surprise her with a  batch cupcakes when I visited them. I baked banancupcakes which I have made before but chose to make cream cheese frosting instead of chocolate. Some time ago I bought blue food coloring from Dr. Oetker, so the frosting should of course be blue, or rather turquoise as it turned out.

I have not worked with food coloring before, to I tried to pour a little bit in at a time. It annoyed me a little that Dr. Oetker had made ​​a bottle with an ordinary open bottleneck instead of one where you could only pour one drop at a time. It would have been easier and my fingers would be less blue… I ended up using the little bottle cap and I used 3 bottle caps total. I got a super nice turquoise color.

The recipe for cream cheese topping;

300 g of icing sugar

50 unsalted butter, room temperarature

125 g of cream cheese, cooled

A small drop of vanilla flavor

Fruit color.


Beat the icing sugar and butter together at mid speed until it is well blended. Turn to a low speed and add the cream cheese all at once, and whip until it is completely mixed. Turn up the speed again and continue to whip the frosting to a light and airy consistency. It may look a little funny right at the beginning, but suddenly it becomes nice and shiny. Add a small drop of vanilla flavor and the color of choice.

After I had frosted the cupcakes, I added a little confetti sprinkles, so they were even more festive.

It was not the last time I used food coloring, it’s really fun to work with.

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