Trip to Torvehallerne, Copenhagen

I was sitting at home this morning and looked out at the beautiful weather we have again today. The sun was out and it shone so beautifully into the living room. With nice weather like this, you can not just sit inside all day, so I wrote to Gry and asked if we just had to meet again and enjoy the weather.  Luckily should couldn’t agree more, so we met up at Torvehallerne for lunch. There are many good places to get a small bite to eat in Torvehallerne, but Gry and I always eat at Petit Pate. A cozy little booth where they serve really good rustic sandwiches, cold cut platters and wonderful olives. They also serve wine and...

Bopa Brunch

  Another day with great weather in Copenhagen, and another day with a nice walk around town with my friend Gry. Today we went on a really nice walk around  Østerbro where I have lived and where Gry now lives. And of course we timed it so that we would have brunch together too. We chose Cafe Bopa on Bopas Square. They have plenty of space outside so we could sit and enjoy the weather. We both chose their brunch at 119 DKK and a wonderful cafe latte. And it certainly did not disappoint. Cafe latte’en was a decent size and not a cheat size that some cafes serve. Brunch was classic with a few twists.

Back home again

We’re back from an amazing trip to Berlin. We had some really lovely but very hot and exhausting days. We rented bikes  and drove everywhere in Berlin – definitely the best way to explore new places. Fortunately the weather was on our side. Friday it hit 35 degrees C, so it was nice with a little breeze on the ride. If you have not been to Berlin, I can definitely recommend it. It is a big city but with lots of cozy oasis tucked beautifully in between the big and bombastic buildings. Definitely a city I will visit again.
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