Homemade hummus

  Last night, we finally made ​​hummus after talking about it for a long long time. Our mini food processor is unfortunately broken, so we used our big blender instead. Not optimal, but it did end up like hummus in the end. The ingredients; 

Rye baguette

  We are trying to eat healthier here at home, so when we were having bread as part of dinner yesterday, I baked a rye baguette, or rather 3 pieces as it turned out to be. . They tasted really great, but the texture was not a real baguette, more like a loaf of bread – a good bread through.

Ahh weekend

  Finally it’s Saturday. On a late trip to the supermarket last night, and on their magazine shelf I saw that one of my favorite interior magazines has just come out. Fantastic! It’s the small things in life right?  Unfortunately, it is relatively new and has only been published 3 times. But better 3 than none at all. The magazine has plenty of inspiration, great pictures  of interior choices and creative solutions. So this morning I’ll be here with a good cup of coffee reading the magazine. Later today we go into the center of Copenhagen where the main shopping street turns 50 years this year and will be celebrated this weekend. So we’ll go and see what happens. Have...
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