Lemon-ricotta pancakes with honey & vanilla almonds

Sillas tore his Achilles tendon a few weeks back, so I wanted to make him something special for breakfast on Saturday. I decided on these pancakes I have wanted to make for a while. They are lovely, light and taste delicious. Ingredients;

Whole Grain Spelt Rolls

Here is a recipe for quick and easy rolls. I do love baking with sourdough, now that I know how, but today I just wanted to bake some quick and tasty rolls for lunch. They turned out great, so great that Sillas said they were some of the best I have ever baked! Pretty happy with that…so we had them for dinner as well as homemade hamburgers. ingredients; 

Brunch at The Blue Dog – aka Den Blå Hund, Frederiksberg

My parents were in town last week, so we decided to go out for brunch. I chose a café close to our apartment, a good 10-minute walk. Its called ‘Den Blå Hund’  – ‘The Blue Dog’. Its located on Godthåbsvej here on Frederiksberg, and I pass the café multiple times a week. Its always packed and people often sit outside at the small café tables. I have been there for dinner once before but never for brunch so I was quite excited. My mum and I chose their brunch plate and a café latte and my dad decided on a Jack Daniel’s Barbeque burger and a draft beer. The brunch plate consisted of;

Warm bulgur salad with vegetables and feta cheese

This is a great warm salad. It’s a real fall dish; fresh, healthy and a perfect side dish. We had it with pork chops, but chicken or steak would also work great. Ingredients; 3 dl of bulgur A cup of miniature or cherry tomatoes

Sourdough starter guide

  I’ve been baking my own bread for a while now, but have never ventured into the land of sourdough, and finally my curiosity got to me. I kept seeing recipes including sourdough and the bread and rolls always looked fantastic, so I decided to make my very own sourdough starter. And it worked very nicely! I baked a wonderful sourdough spelt bread and it was terrific. You can make sourdough starters with plain flour or a good mix of rye, whole wheat and plain. For this batch I decided to just use plain. I will try a different variety another time. Here’s what you will need:  

Sourdough spelt bread using a proving basket

You know those days when you don’t really feel like cooking dinner? Tonight was one of those days. Instead I baked a big loaf of spelt bread using sourdough and a proving basket. I recently made my very own sourdough starter, so naturally I found a recipe with sourdough. It turned out great, and a lot larger than I thought it would, which is never a bad thing when it comes to good bread. Ingredients; 

Cauliflower soup with crispy Pancetta and fresh parsley

I asked Sillas what he wanted for dinner the other day and to my surprise he said “Cauliflower soup”. Alright then, cauliflower soup it was. I did’t have a recipe here at home, so I searched the internet and soon found this recipe from a danish magazine.   The ingredients; 1 head of cauliflower 1 baking potato 1 shallot

Honey and vanilla almonds

These honey and vanilla almonds are great as topping on ice cream,, cakes and pancakes. They are quick to make and only requirer three ingredients. And oh so crunchy and tasty. Here’s what you need and what to do;’ 
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