New Instagram webpage

I opened my Instagram app this afternoon and had received a short message telling me that my account was now also a webpage. Very nice. I logged on when I got home and I quite like the site. Its simple but set up in a way that looks good – actually it resembles a Facebook page quite a bit. I have been using Instagram for a while now and I love it, its super easy to touch-up your pictures and add effects. I love taking pictures of flowers with Instagram. One or two touch-ups and they really pop. If you would like to follow me and m pictures on Instagram, you are more than welcome to do so here;

Quick and delicious chicken and veggie dinner for one

I made this dish a while back, an evening when Sillas was out with the guys. Had hadn’t planned anything for dinner, but just used whatever we had in the fridge. Luckily it was all good and tasty stuff. Ingredients; 1 chicken breast Half a ball of mozzarella A couple of tomatoes 2 sticks of celery

Marzipan cupcakes with strawberries and cream

I made these cupcakes a few months back but never put them up here because I really wasn’t happy with the pictures. But the cupcakes were so delicious and good that I have now decided to put them up anyway. I’ll make them again another time and make sure to take better photos. I found this recipe on another blog that I read regularly. Its an adaptation of a traditional Danish summer cake. I absolutely love it! It is filled with everything that delicious; marzipan, dark chocolate, cream and fresh strawberries – need I say more. Makes 12 cupcakes Ingredients;

Sweet name tag idea

Just wanted to share this adorable idea for a name tag. We were at a really great 50th birthday party yesterday and next to each of our plates at the table, was placed a nametag with a small bag of hard candies attached – strawberry flavored. I absolutely love sweet little touches like this! It just makes the guests feel special and adds a little extra something to the event. And can’t wait till I can borrow this idea and make my own homemade candy and attach it to a nametag. Good thing Sillas and I like to have guests over. I’m thinking it might just be during this season I will make them. Do you guys have any nametag/...

Savory Muffins with sun-dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese

I usually bake sweet muffins, but for my tapas birthday dinner, I decided to bake a batch of savory muffins with sun-dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. They turned out pretty well, but could have used a bit more flavor in my opinion, perhaps by using cheddar instead of Parmesan or adding some chopped herbs. I’ll give that a try another day. The basic muffins recipe is really good, so you can add countless herbs, cheeses, meat, seasoning you wish, and make it your very own muffin recipe. Ingredients;

Hummingbird bakery rose cupcakes

Here’s another recipe from my birthday dinner. Cupcakes made with rose water. I found the recipe in my beloved Hummingbird bakery book, Cake Days. It is definitely an acquired taste, rose water. I do like it, but not in too large doses. Perhaps I put too much in this batch and will be careful not to do that another time in order to get a more subtle and delicate taste of rose. Also, I’m going to change the frosting recipe by adding cream cheese, I think that it will work much better and not be as sweet as it is in the original recipe. Tip – If you run out of space in you muffin tin and still have a...
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