Marzipan cupcakes with strawberries and cream

Quick and delicious chicken and veggie dinner for one

I made this dish a while back, an evening when Sillas was out with the guys. Had hadn’t planned anything for dinner, but just used whatever we had in the fridge. Luckily it was all good and tasty stuff.


1 chicken breast

Half a ball of mozzarella

A couple of tomatoes

2 sticks of celery

half a cucumber

Olive oil

Balsamico vinegar

Salt and pepper

And what you do is;

Season and grill the chicken breast. Set it aside, covered with a bit of foil, be keep warm.

Cut the mozzarella into large round pieces.

Chop the tomatoes, celery and cucumber into bite size pieces.

Cut the chicken breast into 5 or 6 even sized pieces.

Mix the veggies and drizzle with olive oil and balsamico vinegar. I season salads with salt and pepper as well. I think it enhances the flavors a bit.

Arrange the chicken and mozzarella one piece at a time.

And there you go, a very simple and oh so delicious dinner for one.



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Marzipan cupcakes with strawberries and cream