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Danish meatballs aka Frikadeller

Homemade danish meatballs - frokadeller

I know that I said I would bake apple slices aka æbleskiver on Sunday. I did bake them, they just didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. So I will be testing a few recipes out before I put one up here on Ambrosia….

On to todays dinner:

There are probably as many recipes for Danish meatballs as there are grandmothers in Denmark. The recipe I use is an adaptation of the one my mum uses – which is an adaptation of the one her mother used.  And I like that, a bit of culinary tradition.


Danish meatballs aka frikadeller

400 grams of minced pork (usually I would use  a mix of minced veal and pork)

1 ½ dl. of oatmeal

2 tbsp of plain flour

3 dl. milk

2 eggs

2 onions, finely grated

1 tbsp. of dried oregano

1 tbsp. dried basil



butter for frying

Frokadeller with Chioggia and boiled potatoes

What to do;

Mix the meat thoroughly with the oatmeal, flour, salt and onions, dried herbs, salt and pepper in a large bowl. Season well as the flour and oatmeal absorbs a lot of the flavor.

Then add milk and eggs – a little at a time. Stir for a minute or two to make sure that everything is mixed together. The consistency should be like a very thick porridge.

Put the bowl in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

The heat a pan with a bit of butter on medium heat and shape meatballs using a spoon and your hand or two spoons if you don’t feel like getting your hands sticky.

Fry for a few minutes of each side.

This portion will make about 24 meatballs.

Chioggia sliced

I served them with boiled potatoes and a pan sauce. I also made a little salad with fresh Chioggia (candy cane beetroots) and parsley, with lemon and olive oil drizzled on top.

It was the first time I tried Chioggia and I wasn’t pleasantly surprised unfortunately. I had hoped they had more of a sweet beetroot taste, but they were quite bitter. And I just don’t like bitter food. Perhaps it was a bad batch I had bought, but it was a let down. I love the way they look though, amazing colour and shape.

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