Danish Holiday Candy - Licorice Marzipan with lemon white chocolate

Dates with marzipan

Easy kid friendly holiday candy

It’s not just marzipan and chocolate us Danes eat during December as sweet snacks. Dates, figs and all sorts of nuts are also very popular. And this little snack is a perfect combination. They are super easy to make. And if you have children they would easily be able to make them as well. A nice little candy project you could have together.

I don’t have kids yet, so I made them myself and decorated them with a bit of green glitter to make them a bit more festive and Christmassy.

Here’s the recipe:

Chocolate covered dates.

15 dried dates, deseeded.

40 g of marzipan

100 g of dark chocolate


Fill the each date with a small ball of marzipan.

Melt the chocolate of a bain marie and cover the filled dates with the chocolate.

Let cool on baking paper. Decorate with chopped nuts, glitter, sprinkles – whatever you like.


Holiday candy, dates with marzipan


Dates filled with marzipan

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Danish Holiday Candy - Licorice Marzipan with lemon white chocolate