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Christmas coffee -Nespresso 2015 Limited Edition Variations


I usually think of the holidays and a tea or hot cocoa season, but this year Nespresso has created three Christmassy coffee varieties; Vanilla Amaretti, Ciocco ginger and Vanilla Cardamom. And they are so so delicious and they all smell and tastes so wonderfully of Christmas spices.

Nespresso Christmas tree

Back in September I was invited by Nespresso into their boutique in Copenhagen for an early Christmas morning get together. It was such a nice and yummy event, with a Christmas tree with amazing presents, decorations, a delicious spread by Kokkedal castles pastry chef Torben Bang and lots and lots of coffee of course. Here we were introduced to the three variations;

Vanilla Amaretti

With plenty of almond and vanilla flavor, reminiscent aromas of sweet almond biscuits. Paired with roasted caramel notes from Livanto Grand Cru for a round taste experience.

Ciocco Ginger

A courageous marriage between toasted notes from Livanto Grand Cru and deep dark chocolate, spiced with a hint of ginger. A coffee that provides a sweet Christmas experience.

Vanilla Cardamom

The delicate harmony between vanilla and cardamom evoke Livantos roasted notes for an extraordinary and well rounded coffee experience.

Christmas morning table

Vanilla Amaretti is my favorite; it tastes like a cup of coffee and a Christmas cookie in one – in a great way. I have only tried the coffees as lattes but they work just as well on their own. I have just ordered a batch of each flavor and am excited to start my days off with a hot cup of holiday coffee.

This November you can order the Limited Edition Variations from November 9th to November 22nd in Nespresso Boutiques, free number +45 80909600 at Nespresso Club online at www.nespresso.com or through the Nespresso mobile app.

Nespresso Christmas


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