Savory Muffins with sun-dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese

I usually bake sweet muffins, but for my tapas birthday dinner, I decided to bake a batch of savory muffins with sun-dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. They turned out pretty well, but could have used a bit more flavor in my opinion, perhaps by using cheddar instead of Parmesan or adding some chopped herbs. I’ll give that a try another day. The basic muffins recipe is really good, so you can add countless herbs, cheeses, meat, seasoning you wish, and make it your very own muffin recipe. Ingredients;

Homemade Focaccia Bread

I had a few friends over for another birthday dinner last night – hey it’s only your birthday once a year so why not stretch the celebration a bit. I served a bunch of small dishes, kind of like a tapas table. I’ll put all the recipes up the coming days. Today I’ll show you the largest dish; homemade focaccia bread. I’ve made it a few times now and it still surprises me just how much it rises and large it turns out. I love the texture and taste of this bread, it’s a little like a deep pan pizza. And fresh herbs always makes food better and tastier. Here’s what you need;

Homemade french baguette

It’s my birthday tomorrow, so we had a few friends over this Saturday for a little birthday dinner. I cooked a light dinner with a few salads, salmon and these baguettes. I found this recipe at this other great blog that I follow. They are super easy and simple to make. The only thing you need is a bit of time as they need to rise overnight in the refrigerator. You will get 3 baguettes out of this batch. Ingredients;

Quick and easy oatmeal rolls

These rolls are super easy and quick to bake. Last night I had made the dough for a whole-wheat sourdough bread. I had used a new type of flour, and didn’t really like the feel of it. But I put it in the fridge overnight as the recipe said and baked the rolls this morning. And as I expected they turned out…well a little strange; not light and airy like they should be, and wouldn’t bake all the way though no matter how long I left them in the oven. I wasn’t very happy with the result, and I needed bread for lunch. So I  went online and found this recipe for oatmeal rolls, and they turned out great and...

Whole Grain Spelt Rolls

Here is a recipe for quick and easy rolls. I do love baking with sourdough, now that I know how, but today I just wanted to bake some quick and tasty rolls for lunch. They turned out great, so great that Sillas said they were some of the best I have ever baked! Pretty happy with that…so we had them for dinner as well as homemade hamburgers. ingredients; 

Sourdough starter guide

  I’ve been baking my own bread for a while now, but have never ventured into the land of sourdough, and finally my curiosity got to me. I kept seeing recipes including sourdough and the bread and rolls always looked fantastic, so I decided to make my very own sourdough starter. And it worked very nicely! I baked a wonderful sourdough spelt bread and it was terrific. You can make sourdough starters with plain flour or a good mix of rye, whole wheat and plain. For this batch I decided to just use plain. I will try a different variety another time. Here’s what you will need:  

Sourdough spelt bread using a proving basket

You know those days when you don’t really feel like cooking dinner? Tonight was one of those days. Instead I baked a big loaf of spelt bread using sourdough and a proving basket. I recently made my very own sourdough starter, so naturally I found a recipe with sourdough. It turned out great, and a lot larger than I thought it would, which is never a bad thing when it comes to good bread. Ingredients; 

Oat and multigrain rolls – overnight rise

  Both Sillas and I have started in school again. Well I am ‘just’ attending a course about Online Marketing for 3 weeks, and Sillas is in school the next 2 weeks as part of his apprenticeship. But nevertheless its school, and I decided to bake a batch of really good and healthy rolls, we could bring for our lunch at school. I have made these rolls once before and they are so delicious and tasty. And it doesn’t hurt that they are also super easy to make. You will need:

Rye baguette

  We are trying to eat healthier here at home, so when we were having bread as part of dinner yesterday, I baked a rye baguette, or rather 3 pieces as it turned out to be. . They tasted really great, but the texture was not a real baguette, more like a loaf of bread – a good bread through.

Carrot bread rolls

We’re going away for a long weekend in Berlin tomorrow morning with another couple, and ohh how I can’t wait! I have not been to Berlin before and have heard from many friends and family that it is the place you should go at the moment. We’re taking the bus down there, so we have a good 7 for half an hours together where we’ll find out what to see and do when we get there. And of course it’s also a good opportunity to bake some bread and other goodies for the road. I decided to bake a carrot bread rolls that I have baked a few times in the past. I found the recipe here. I used sunflower...