Apple Cream Pie

A couple of years ago I bought a cookbook called ‘American Pie’. Its full of yummy and amazing recipes from America. I have a soft spot for American baking goods, so of course I needed this book on my shelf. One of the recipes that I keep looking at is this apple cream pie recipe. And today I decided to give it a go. I added my Danish touch to the topping with marzipan, but otherwise its pretty much straight from the book. Ingredients for the pie crust 300 g flour 1 tbsp Sugar

Chocolate cherry cupcakes

  I was looking through one of my kitchen cupboards the other day and found a jar of cherry sauce. I love cherries and haven’t cooked with them in a while, so I decided to make a batch of chocolate cherry cupcakes for the weekend. My oldest son hadn’t tried cupcakes yet but has been talking about them for a while because of a book he has with pictures of cupcakes. So I figured it was about time that he got to have his very own. He loved it, and so did the rest of the family. I used preserved cherries for this recipe, but you could just as well use fresh or frozen. Here is the recipe:

Banana Bread with Cocoa Frosting

I have baked this banana bread so many times, and its always a hit. We often have a couple of bananas laying around and its never a problem when they start to turn a bit brown. Its just a good excuse to bake this yummy bread. I often top it off with a layer of cocoa cream cheese frosting. Ingredients

Banana chocolate chip muffins

I made these muffins for the sweet and hard working ladies at my sons kindergarden as a small thank you for taking so good care of my boy. They are super easy to make and are really yummy and packed with sweet bananas. 10 pieces. Ingredients

Chocolate moussecake with a strawberry center

I have wanted to make this cake for a while; a sweet combination of layer and mousse cake. It’s a very light and silky smooth. The strawberry center gives it a tangy contrast to the milky chocolate mousse. And its a pretty surprise when you cut into the cake. We had two sets of guests over on Sunday and by late afternoon, the whole cake was gone. So I will be making this cake again soon. I used three different sized pans, a 24 cm, a 22 cm and a 10 cm.

Rum Balls

We recently celebrated my youngest sons christening, and had the reception at our house. My aunt was so nice and offered to bake two beautiful layer cakes for our guests. They were perfect and tasted amazing. I decided to bake a bunch of smaller hors d’oeuvre like cakes to accompany the layer cakes. These small rum balls are very simple to make and very decorative on the table. Ingredients

Easter Cake – Chocolate layer cake with mango mousse and orange frosting

I have wanted to bake a layer cake for some time now. So when my best friend invited us up to their house for a little pre-Easter lunch, I decided to finally bake a layer cake. I chose a simple chocolate cake with fresh mango mousse and frosting infused with orange zest and juice. I does take some time from start to finish but I found each step quite simple. So if you have the time and energy, this is a great cake to bake and bring to a lunch or dinner.

Danish Fastelavnsboller (Shrovetide buns)

In the beginning of February we celebrate Fastelavn here in Denmark. Fastelavn is the name for carnival here in Denmark, and the other Nordic countries. It’s a bit like the Nordic Halloween. Its all for the kids really. They dress up and ‘slå katten af tønden‘ (“hit the cat out of the barrel”), which is somewhat similar to a piñata. Back in the day, there actually used to be a real cat in the barrel, and beating the barrel was superstitiously considered a safeguard against evil. Thankfully we don’t do that anymore. Now the barrels are full of candy and oranges. We also eat fastelavnsboller (Shrovetide buns) which are sweet buns filled with either, custard, whipped cream or remonce (a Danish heavenly...

Chocolate and Raspberry panna cotta

Happy New Year!! A new year and new desserts to try out. That’s one of the many things I’m looking forward to this year; lots and lots of new techniques and recipes to try out. I didn’t have any new year resolutions this year, but I guess, two weeks into the new year, I just decided that new dessert techniques will be my resolution for 2016. We held New Years Eve here at home for 4 friends. It was our first New Years with Tristan, so we were excited to see how he would react to all the fireworks and hoopla going on. And we were so happy to see that he loved it, especially the fireworks – we went...

Oatmeal cookies with raspberries & white chocolate

A few months back our little family visited a café and I bought a few cookies for dessert, just because they were on display rights by the cash register. I’m an easy target that way. Anyway, they were so good that I wanted to recreate them. I love a nice and chewy cookie, so I decided to go with an oatmeal cookie. I’m pretty happy with the result and will definitely bake them again soon for the holiday. And then I’ll add more of all the spices so they will be packed with holiday flavor. This batch makes about 30 small cookies.
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