Roast Chicken with thyme, rosemary, onion and garlic

Last nights dinner was a lovely, juicy and tender roast chicken with a side of fresh pasta and bell pepper and tomato sauce. Sillas cooked the pasta and sauce and my job was cooking the chicken. We had some rosemary and thyme left from the other day, so I decided to stuff the chicken with them as well as onion and garlic. It might have been the best chicken I have cooked yet, it was so tender and full of flavor. And quite easy to make too. Wonderful! Ingredients;

Homemade Cottage pie, a Gordon Ramsey recipe

Beef and mashed potatoes are two tings we looove in this household, so cottage pie is a sure success for dinner. The recipe I used here is from Gordon Ramsey. I haven’t cooked a lot of his recipes, but the ones that I have tried have all turned our great. And this is no exception. I used to call this dish Shepherd’s Pie, but have found out that that is only when you use lamb or sheep’s meat. And when you use beef its then called Cottage Pie. It is not a quick dish, but definitely worth the time spent in the kitchen. And I love dishes where I can have most of the washing done by the time the...

Homemade beef and pepperoni lasagna

Lasagna is always a popular dish in this apartment. Its Sillas favorite dish and its definitely in my top 5,  o its on the dinner table quite often here.. We usually just make the whole thing from scratch, but these evening I decided to try one of Knorr’s sauce mixes and also added pepperoni instead of bacon, which gave it a great, slightly smoky taste. I know that other countries have Knorr products, but I’m not sure if they carry the entire product line as we do in Denmark. If not, the I’m sure another company has made an equivalent product. The lasagna turned out really well – 5 servings between the two of us good… Ingredients;

Jamie Oliver’s candied bacon green salad

So I figured that it was about time to continue my journey through Jamie Oliver’s America cookbook. On tonight’s menu was candied bacon green salad.  I was a bit iffy about the idea of sweetening bacon. I love bacon, but salty bacon, not sweet and sticky. And I’ll be honest; I might have burned the bacon…slightly, just slightly. So therefore I cannot really tell you if sweet bacon works – for me at least. But the rest if the dish is very tasty, fresh and just yummy. I usually don’t like fruit in my salad, but it works very well in this dish. It’s a lovely contrast to the crispy croutons. The dressing is nice and tangy, something I really...

January chopped salad with pesto chicken

This salad is very very simple, easy and full of good veggies. The pesto works really well with the chicken and adding warm chicken to a salad with mozzarella is just so tasty. I can eat this salad any time of the year, but I think that it woks really well here in January after having eaten all of the rich and, well, fatty food over the holidays. Its very fresh, crunchy and fulfilling. I brought a portion with me for lunch at the office today, and the salad is just as good served cold the next day.

Homemade potato soup

With this cold winter weather we’ve been having in Denmark the past few weeks, I thought that it was about time for a bowl of hot homemade soup. I wanted to make potato-leek soup, but the supermarket was out of leeks, so I added a few carrots instead.  This soup is quite thick, so if thats not your thing, just use fewer potatoes or more broth. 

Danish Christmas rice porridge aka Risengrød

It is not a Danish Christmas without risengrød. Risengrød is a rice porridge or pudding  served with a dollop of butter in the middle and cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. Some families, like mine, eat it on the 23rd of December others on the 24th. We make usually a huge portion, so that we have enough left over for another dish we eat as dessert on Christmas eve; Ris a la mande. Another amazing dish that we absolutely have to have each year.  It is a wonderful mixture of rice porridge, whipping cream, almonds, and vanilla and topped off with warm cherry sauce.  I will show that recipe another day. Tonight’s dinner was risengrød ( I know that it may...

Danish meatballs aka Frikadeller

I know that I said I would bake apple slices aka æbleskiver on Sunday. I did bake them, they just didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. So I will be testing a few recipes out before I put one up here on Ambrosia…. On to todays dinner: There are probably as many recipes for Danish meatballs as there are grandmothers in Denmark. The recipe I use is an adaptation of the one my mum uses – which is an adaptation of the one her mother used.  And I like that, a bit of culinary tradition. Ingredients;

Jamie Oliver’s comforting turkey stew with homemade papardelle dumplings

This really has turned into project day. We had turkey stew for dinner tonight – another Jamie Oliver recipe from his ‘Jamie’s America’ cookbook. I wanted to make it because it looked really good in the book, but I was also a bit weary because it has papardelle dumplings and I have never made pasta before. But turns out  it’s not that difficult. The stew turned out great, very tasty. The sauce didn’t turn out as thick as I would have liked but I’ll fix that next time. The dumplings did however turn how a bit too thick, but cooked perfectly however. I think that the thing that sets this turkey stew apart from a regular stew is the fresh...

Quinoa salad with avocado, tomatoes and roasted almonds

  This is one of Sillas’ favorite dishes. I made it for dinner last year as a side dish to salmon steak – that I thought would really ‘sell’ the dish. But it turned out that it was the quinoa salad that he absolutely loved. I like it too, its very simple, healthy and quick. One ingredient in the dressing might sound a bit funny, but I swear it works. It was supposed to be Dijon mustard but somehow I took the wrong jar in the supermarket and I came home with sandwich mustard-mayo. I decided to use it anyway and have stuck with it ever since. We have served it for guests multiple times and it’s a success every...