Koldskål & kammerjunker – Homemade Danish Buttermilk Soup & Biscuits

The weather has finally started to change for the better here in Denmark and spring is here. Its warmer, the winter jacket is –almost – put away and the flowers have begun to bloom. Ahh I love it! A dish that us Danes love to eat when the weather is warmer is called Koldskål – directly translated ‘coldbowl’. Doesn’t sound very appetizing, I know. But its lovely. Basically it’s a cold buttermilk soup with vanilla and lemon. It’s really good; sweet, creamy and a bit tangy and perfect for summer. We often serve it with small biscuits called kammerjunker or strawberries.

Jamie Oliver’s date shake

My Jamie Oliver domestic project continues. This time with a lovely and sweet afternoon shake. Very simple, few ingredients and yet so so tasty. Dates are so wonderful, full of flavor and natural sweetness . I sometimes eat them as snacks, but this is the first time I’ve used them in a drink. And I love it, definitely not the last time I’ve made it. I think that it would work well served in a small glass for brunch. Ingredients;

Christmas was here, and it was wonderful

It’s the 27th and a whole lot of Christmas celebrations have been done the past week, and we are still not done here. Today it the only complete day, Sillas and I have to ourselves between Christmas until the 1st of January. And it has been amazing, lots of sleep, relaxing, building a few pieces of IKEA furniture for the apartment and looking at all the amazing presents we received over Christmas. Looking at my presents, you can see that my friends, family and not least Sillas really know what a cooking and baking nerd I am.  I received some great great gifts. As well as make-up, clothes, books I received  lots of glitter, gel colors, fondant tools, cookie cutters,...

Christmas is here!

I have been holding back on the Christmas spirit, since it seems that Christmas comes sooner and sooner each year – this year I saw Christmas decoration in September….September! So I have been holding back. But not any more, it’s the 1st of December and I am looking forward to the next month and everything it brings; Christmas lunches, baking, get-togethers, a trip to Tivoli, gløgg (mulled wine) snow- if we’re lucky and all the lovely Christmas candy. We are going to my aunts 60th birthday party today, so I will wait to decorate the apartment for tomorrow. I love decorating the apartment, finding all the little Santas and ornaments that I forgot I had and making our home a...

New Instagram webpage

I opened my Instagram app this afternoon and had received a short message telling me that my account was now also a webpage. Very nice. I logged on when I got home and I quite like the site. Its simple but set up in a way that looks good – actually it resembles a Facebook page quite a bit. I have been using Instagram for a while now and I love it, its super easy to touch-up your pictures and add effects. I love taking pictures of flowers with Instagram. One or two touch-ups and they really pop. If you would like to follow me and m pictures on Instagram, you are more than welcome to do so here;  http://instagram.com/nilssonsambrosia

Sweet name tag idea

Just wanted to share this adorable idea for a name tag. We were at a really great 50th birthday party yesterday and next to each of our plates at the table, was placed a nametag with a small bag of hard candies attached – strawberry flavored. I absolutely love sweet little touches like this! It just makes the guests feel special and adds a little extra something to the event. And can’t wait till I can borrow this idea and make my own homemade candy and attach it to a nametag. Good thing Sillas and I like to have guests over. I’m thinking it might just be during this season I will make them. Do you guys have any nametag/...

Cheddar & Bacon Popcorn

I found these popcorn a few months ago when I was browsing the isles of ‘Mad & Vin’- a supermarket in Magasin Copenhagen. It’s a high end supermarket and I love to go there every now and then. The price is of course also a bit ‘high end’ so it’s not a place I go grocery shopping, but rather go to find exclusive and rare products. And that’s exactly what I found the last time I was there. Cheddar and bacon popcorn!! I have never seen that before, despite the fact that I lived in New York City for almost three years and I found plenty of quirky products over there. We have had them on the shelf for quite...

Sourdough starter guide

  I’ve been baking my own bread for a while now, but have never ventured into the land of sourdough, and finally my curiosity got to me. I kept seeing recipes including sourdough and the bread and rolls always looked fantastic, so I decided to make my very own sourdough starter. And it worked very nicely! I baked a wonderful sourdough spelt bread and it was terrific. You can make sourdough starters with plain flour or a good mix of rye, whole wheat and plain. For this batch I decided to just use plain. I will try a different variety another time. Here’s what you will need:  

Mixed tomatoes

I just love it when I on a random trip to the supermarket, stubble upon amazing and unusual fruits or vegetables. Hey, it’s the small things in life right? I found these mixed tomatoes in my local supermarket and just had to buy them. I’m sure that these tomatoes are normal in some countries, but here in Denmark, its fantastic to see something other than red plum or cherry tomatoes. I don’t know what I’ll use them for just yet, but whatever it will be, they look great in the kitchen till then.

Ahh weekend

  Finally it’s Saturday. On a late trip to the supermarket last night, and on their magazine shelf I saw that one of my favorite interior magazines has just come out. Fantastic! It’s the small things in life right?  Unfortunately, it is relatively new and has only been published 3 times. But better 3 than none at all. The magazine has plenty of inspiration, great pictures  of interior choices and creative solutions. So this morning I’ll be here with a good cup of coffee reading the magazine. Later today we go into the center of Copenhagen where the main shopping street turns 50 years this year and will be celebrated this weekend. So we’ll go and see what happens. Have...