Blondie Bars

For the Berlin trip I also chose to bake Blondie bars , from the Hummingbird Bakery’s Classic Cookbook. We have, after all, a 7 hour drive ahead of us, and need to have something good to eat. Recipe for Blondie Bars;

Carrot bread rolls

We’re going away for a long weekend in Berlin tomorrow morning with another couple, and ohh how I can’t wait! I have not been to Berlin before and have heard from many friends and family that it is the place you should go at the moment. We’re taking the bus down there, so we have a good 7 for half an hours together where we’ll find out what to see and do when we get there. And of course it’s also a good opportunity to bake some bread and other goodies for the road. I decided to bake a carrot bread rolls that I have baked a few times in the past. I found the recipe here. I used sunflower...

Bankeråt Brunch

It has been the most amazing summer weather today, ahh finally! One of my very best friends, Gry, came home from holiday yesterday and I’m going to Berlin (yai!) tomorrow, so we decided to get together and go to brunch in this fabulous weather.We didn’t really know where to go, but met up near the center of Copenhagen, and just went for a walk in the area and stumbled upon ‘Bankeråt’ on Ahlefeldtsgade. I’ve been there for drinks a couple of months ago but did not know that they also served food until Gry told me. They had a really good – and not too expensive brunch at 99 DKK. It consisted of a small salad with avocado, cucumber and...

Homemade ice cream cake covered with marcipan

It was recently my boyfriend’s 30th birthday and we had a small group of friends over for a birthday dinner. I had said that I would make whatever he wanted for dinner, and the wish was beef goulash with mashed potatoes and pistachio ice cream for dessert. I could choose the first course, and decided on crayfish salad with garlic dressing and homemade bread. But I thought it not ‘just’ going to be plain old ice cream for dessert. . So I decided to surprise him with an ice cream cake – still with his favorite pistachio ice cream. I started by baking a hazelnut/orange cake bottom and let it could cool down. 

Speltbread in a proving basket

I have for some time been looking at rising baskets and finally bought one recently. The first bread I baked using the basket was a lovely spelt bread. ingredients 

Homemade muesli

I’m not a big fan of store-bought muesli, at least not the selection we have here in Denmark… So I make my own. It varies from time to time, depending on what ingredients I have at home. This is the recipe for the batch I made last and it was quite good if I do say so myself. I ingredients 

Banana cupcakes with chocolate frosting

We’re are invited to a dinner party with friends tonight so I decided to bake a new batch of cupcakes. We had some bananas lying in the kitchen, so I decided to make banancupcakes with chocolate topping – again from the amazing Hummingbird Bakery cakebook. Here come the recipe; 

Marshmallow Cupcakes

  This past year I have been following a handful of food blogs and was so inspired that I thought I would explore the blog world myself, as a blogger. I began to think about the recipe that would be my first on the blog. Lately I have been using Hummingbird Bakery’s cookbook every time I was in a baking mood, so naturally today’s recipe come from that book too. I have chosen their marshmallow cupcakes, they look so delicious and I happen to have bag of mini-marshmallows in the cupboard. The recipe for Marshmallow-cupcakes, approx. 12 cakes: