Homemade ice cream cake covered with marcipan

Bankeråt Brunch

It has been the most amazing summer weather today, ahh finally! One of my very best friends, Gry, came home from holiday yesterday and I’m going to Berlin (yai!) tomorrow, so we decided to get together and go to brunch in this fabulous weather.We didn’t really know where to go, but met up near the center of Copenhagen, and just went for a walk in the area and stumbled upon ‘Bankeråt’ on Ahlefeldtsgade. I’ve been there for drinks a couple of months ago but did not know that they also served food until Gry told me.

They had a really good – and not too expensive brunch at 99 DKK. It consisted of a small salad with avocado, cucumber and tomato, a fried egg, a lot of different fresh fruit. Their bread was amazing, freshly baked and warm ciabatta bread – heaven! There was also freshly squeezed orange juice and a small stamp pot of coffee for each of us. Uhmm it was really good.

It is not the last time I eat there, I can definitely recommend it.

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Homemade ice cream cake covered with marcipan