Cake course!!

  Last night I was at a party cake course at ‘Specialkøbmanden’ a specialty store here in Denmark. I have wanted to work with fondant for so long, but have not really known how I get started.  I love the store, Specialkøbmanden. They have everything a baking happy girl could wish for, color, flavor, molds, cupcake stands, spices, ornaments and tinsel.

Beetroot and carrot salad

  I have really started to enjoy beetroot salad – never thought that I would say that. It is super easy to make, very healthy and with relatively few ingredients:

Banana cupcakes with turquoise cream cheese frosting

The other day I was visiting my best friend Jette. She recently became a mum for the first time, to the cutest little baby boy. So I thought I’d surprise her with a  batch cupcakes when I visited them. I baked banancupcakes which I have made before but chose to make cream cheese frosting instead of chocolate. Some time ago I bought blue food coloring from Dr. Oetker, so the frosting should of course be blue, or rather turquoise as it turned out.

Roasted chicken with avocadosalsa and butter beans with tomato & basil

  I’m slowly working my way through the ‘Lækkermad 80/20’ book. The other day we had some delicious roasted chicken with avocadosalsa and butter beans with tomato and basil. Very tasty, healthy and filling. Chicken pieces were about 50 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees. I had the spice them with salt, pepper, round spice and sweet paprika. Simple, but tasted great. 

Mini tomatoes

I was shopping in my local supermarket here in Copenhagen the other day when I found these cute mini tomatoes in the vegetable area. At first I thought it was redcurrants, but then saw that it was tiny red tomatoes. And I just had to buy them. They taste lovely sweet and have a good tomato flavor, not too watery as some large tomatoes tend to have sometimes. 

Beetroot – cabbage salad

  I am really happy with my ‘Lækkermad 80/20’ cookbook. There are so many good salads and delicious marinades and dressings. For lunch today I decided to make Beetroot-cabbage-salad with a lovley lemon / olive oil dressing. A good and fresh salad.

Salad with broccoli, avocado, walnuts and parsley

Tonight we had a salad from my Lækkermad list. It is super easy to make, and is very healthy. Ingredients: 1 head of broccoli 1 large handful of walnuts 1 avocado, cut into bite-sized chunks A bunch of parsley Marinade / Dressing; 

Paprika almonds

So I’ve made ​​the first thing from  my  ’Lækkermad’ list. I started out easy and made ​​paprika almonds. The recipe is very easy;  

My new photo app

I am a happy owner of an iPhone and have been for the past year and a half. One of the things I really like is the wealth of photo apps I can download. I have always loved taking pictures of everything from friends, nature, everyday experiences and of course food. Instagram is probably the app I use the most, and now I have discovered a small bonus app which can also be used on Instagram. I found the app after I had seen some of my friends put pictures up of small collages. I thought it looked cool, and then went hunting for the app.