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Another day with great weather in Copenhagen, and another day with a nice walk around town with my friend Gry. Today we went on a really nice walk around  Østerbro where I have lived and where Gry now lives.

And of course we timed it so that we would have brunch together too. We chose Cafe Bopa on Bopas Square. They have plenty of space outside so we could sit and enjoy the weather.

We both chose their brunch at 119 DKK and a wonderful cafe latte. And it certainly did not disappoint. Cafe latte’en was a decent size and not a cheat size that some cafes serve. Brunch was classic with a few twists.

It consisted of a small yogurt with muesli, a delicious smoked salmon roll with a citrusy cream cheese, homemade wild garlic sausage, a fantastic French croquette with herbal dressing, egg cocotte with tomato and serrano ham, chorizo​​, a little passion fruit smoothie and last but not least a heavenly mini chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting. Furthermore there was a small slice of rye bread and 3 slices fresh and tasty homemade bread. We walked away happy, full and satisfied.

I noticed that they also have a brunch buffet Monday through Friday between the hours. 09-11:30 and it is not unthinkable that Gry and I try it one day in the future.

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