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Last night I was at a party cake course at ‘Specialkøbmanden’ a specialty store here in Denmark. I have wanted to work with fondant for so long, but have not really known how I get started.  I love the store, Specialkøbmanden. They have everything a baking happy girl could wish for, color, flavor, molds, cupcake stands, spices, ornaments and tinsel.

And now they also have cake courses around in their stores in Denmark. They have many different types of courses. I chose party cake’ course where you work with fondant.

The course began at. 17 o’clock and ended at 20 o’clock We were 7 people on the course which was a good size, so that we could all see and the teacher could walk around and help us all out during the evening. At each station there was a finshed chocolate cake and fondant tools ready. So it smelled amazing in the room when we entered.


The instructor was very sweet and good at explaining the process step by step.

First we had to add a butter-cream on the cake, to secure that the fondant doesn’t slip off the cake. Then it was fondant time. We each had a plastic mat with diameter target, where we rolled the fondant out on to make sure it was not too small or large. It took me some time before it was smooth and the right size. We were also given a small bag of corn flour, to sprinkle on the table or hands if fondant was a little too sticky. And then came the moment I had been dreading a little bit – moving the fondant onto the cake. But it was actually quick and easy and there were no holes or cracks in fondant.


We could choose from the a huge selection of all sorts of colors, shapes, cutters, and tools. First I had to make a border for the bottom of the cake. I chose a beautiful turquoise color for my border. And for the top of the cake I wanted there to be an abundance of flowers. I used flowers cutters in 4 different sizes for the fondant flowers. And the color I chose was bright yellow. I also made a few little green leaves. It was incredibly easy to color fondant, all you need is a little patience. It was also really easy to put the flowers on the cake, you just needed to use a tiny bit of water and a fine brush. I finished it all off with a little glitter on the leaves and flowers. I could easily have continued to work, had I had the time.

All in all a really good evening and with a result I’m happy with. And now the spark is lit and I will continue working with fondant, either at a new course or at home.


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