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Trip to Torvehallerne, Copenhagen

I was sitting at home this morning and looked out at the beautiful weather we have again today. The sun was out and it shone so beautifully into the living room. With nice weather like this, you can not just sit inside all day, so I wrote to Gry and asked if we just had to meet again and enjoy the weather.  Luckily should couldn’t agree more, so we met up at Torvehallerne for lunch.

There are many good places to get a small bite to eat in Torvehallerne, but Gry and I always eat at Petit Pate. A cozy little booth where they serve really good rustic sandwiches, cold cut platters and wonderful olives. They also serve wine and beer from mini breweries.

Both Gry and I chose their steak sandwich and a glass of red wine – it’s Friday after all. The sandwich contains a tasty tender beef steak, pickled red onion, lettuce, a piece of bacon, a fried egg and a little grated cheese on top, all served on toasted rustic bread. It tastes so good and is neither too small or big, but just right.

We quickly agreed that we had to have a cup of coffee after such a good lunch. We popped over to Cafe Rosa, a tiny pastry shop with a sweet Japanese lady behind the counter who daily bakes bread, cakes, pastries and serves fresh coffee.


I chose a piece of pecan / rum pie and Gry got a piece of banana cake. My pie had a really good pastry crust and the filling was nice crunchy pecans with a slight taste of brown sugar. The portion was a decent size and but I have to say that it was almost too sweet …. almost. I also got a little slice of banana cake and it was spot on as it should be, for my taste anyway. It’s a fun little booth with lots of Pippi Longstocking merchandise and small cow figurines. I always love to stop by, it’s so much fun and nice to sit at the little counter and eat a piece of cake. I look forward to my next visit. My only problem is which cake I should choose, because they all look fantastic.

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