White chocolate and cranberry cookies

My parents were having friends over for a late lunch last Saturday and asked if I wanted to join, which I of course did. Instead of bringing flowers, I decided to bake cookies. I chose a recipe from my second Hummingbird Bakery cookbook, that I bought a few weeks back. I just love those cookbooks; all the recipes look so delicious. These cookies are so yummy, they are sweet and a little chewy, and the cranberries add a little sour to the chocolates sweet. My parents and their friends really liked the cookies and my mum was still talking about them when she phoned me a few hours ago. The ingredients; 

Chorizo and chickpea soup

Brrr…fall has arrived in Denmark, so I felt like a big bowl of soup. I make this soup every fall/winter. Its super simple and so tasty. Here’s what you need; 4 onions, finely chopped 1 dried chorizo sausage 

Spicy meatballs with rice & veggie salad

These spicy meatballs are really delicious and so easy to make. Feta cheese and jalapenos are both things I don’t eat very often, but in this dish they are perfect, I eat way too many. And the rice salad is a nice fresh alternative to a warm side dish. Here’s how you make it; 

Mixed tomatoes

I just love it when I on a random trip to the supermarket, stubble upon amazing and unusual fruits or vegetables. Hey, it’s the small things in life right? I found these mixed tomatoes in my local supermarket and just had to buy them. I’m sure that these tomatoes are normal in some countries, but here in Denmark, its fantastic to see something other than red plum or cherry tomatoes. I don’t know what I’ll use them for just yet, but whatever it will be, they look great in the kitchen till then.

Brownies with cocoa-cream cheese frosting

    Sillas had the guys over to game night last Saturday, so I decided to bake a batch of Hummingbird Bakery’s brownies with a lovely cocoa- cream cheese frosting. It’s a pretty heavy cake, but amazingly gooey and chocolately like a proper brownie should be. And it was definitely a success with the guys – it didn’t hurt that we had some left over for the next few days either. Here’s the recipe;

Oat and multigrain rolls – overnight rise

  Both Sillas and I have started in school again. Well I am ‘just’ attending a course about Online Marketing for 3 weeks, and Sillas is in school the next 2 weeks as part of his apprenticeship. But nevertheless its school, and I decided to bake a batch of really good and healthy rolls, we could bring for our lunch at school. I have made these rolls once before and they are so delicious and tasty. And it doesn’t hurt that they are also super easy to make. You will need:


  It’s almost been a year since I moved into the apartment, October 1st to be exact, and in January its been a year since Sillas slowly moved his things in too. I love the apartment and that it’s our own little home in the city. But we still need to do a few things here and there, mostly decorating stuff. Most of the furniture and accessories are black or white, so we recently decided to add another color, which will complement the black and white. And that color is blue – all ranges of blue. (I’m mostly thinking turquoise) So I took to the Internet and searched for things I would love to have in the apartment and a...

Salad with yellow mini-tomatoes

So I happened to buy mini tomatoes again, this time yellow. I was home alone this evening, so  I used them in a salad I had this evening with a good steak. I love a good steak. The tomatoes do not taste as strongly of tomato as the red mini tomatoes, and are maybe a bit more sour, but are still really good and fresh.

Jamie Oliver’s potato salad with avocado and watercress

We had a small portion of potatoes left over in the fridge from the other night, so for dinner last night I also made a potato salad with avocado and watercress. A recipe I have from one of my many Jamie Oliver cookbooks. It’s easy, tastes great and is fresh.

Stuffed pork tenderloin and sesame carrots

  I’ve always been very fond of pork tenderloin, and especially stuffed pork tenderloin, so when I walked around the supermarket yesterday finding something for evening, I decided that that was exactly what we were having for dinner tonight. The stuffing was a mixture of mushrooms, semi-dried tomatoes, garlic and feta – which Sillas loves and I’m just beginning to like as well. I wrapped the pork tenderloin in prosciutto ham before it went into the oven. Yum! It was really good, tender meat and lots of flavor from the stuffing. A great guest meal for another day too. I also made sesame carrots and a  tasty potato salt. The ingredients;