Mixed tomatoes

Spicy meatballs with rice & veggie salad

These spicy meatballs are really delicious and so easy to make. Feta cheese and jalapenos are both things I don’t eat very often, but in this dish they are perfect, I eat way too many. And the rice salad is a nice fresh alternative to a warm side dish.

Here’s how you make it; 

Ingredients for meatballs:

500 g of lean minced beef

Half of a small jar of pickled jalapenos, roughly cut

A small block of feta cheese, crumbled

1 egg

salt and pepper

Add all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well into a consistent texture. Heat a pan with olive oil and assemble small meatballs. Let them fry for a few minutes on each side and set aside

Ingredients for rice salad:

2 cups of brown rice

vegetable stock

Half a mozzarella ball

1 red bell pepper

2 plum tomatoes


fresh parsley

olive oil

Cook the rice according to the packets directions. Use vegetable stock instead of plain water, it gives the rice a great taste.

Meanwhile, cut the vegetables and mozzarella into bite size pieces, cut the parsley roughly and put it all in a bowl. When the rice is cooked, add 3 or 4 large spoonfuls to the bowl with veggie/mozzarella and mix everything well. Lastly, drizzle a bit of olive oil on top and serve with the meatballs.

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Mixed tomatoes