Simple and easy chickpea Salad

This salad is super easy with rather few ingredients, and still very tasty and a good side dish for a dinner party or a tapas get together, which is what I used it for this past weekend. Ingredients; 2 tins of chickpeas, approx. 450 g, drained and rinsed Juice of 1 lemon 3 tbsp. of olive oil 1 scallion, finely chopped 

Homemade filled chocolate hearts

  I bought these very cute heart shaped molds a few months ago, and they had been placed in the cupboard where they stayed a while….  That is, until last weekend when I finally decided to give homemade filled chocolates a go. Who knew that making homemade chocolates isn’t that difficult?  It did take a bit of time, concentration and a steady hand, but I had fun and they turned our pretty well, if I say so myself. Next time I’ll make them with caramel I think.. I used a recipe that I found on another great blog that I read regularly. Ingredients;

Homemade Focaccia Bread

I had a few friends over for another birthday dinner last night – hey it’s only your birthday once a year so why not stretch the celebration a bit. I served a bunch of small dishes, kind of like a tapas table. I’ll put all the recipes up the coming days. Today I’ll show you the largest dish; homemade focaccia bread. I’ve made it a few times now and it still surprises me just how much it rises and large it turns out. I love the texture and taste of this bread, it’s a little like a deep pan pizza. And fresh herbs always makes food better and tastier. Here’s what you need;

Marzipan Rum Logs aka Rum Balls

I love rum balls ( not too fond of the name though…); they are packed with chocolately rum goodness. But I hardly ever buy them and have never made them myself. That is until today. Here in Denmark we have, what we call tree logs. Basically they are rum balls formed as rolls/logs, covered with a layer of marzipan and each end dipped in dark chocolate – So delicious! And that’s exactly what I made today. I had seen another blogger make them a few weeks back, and that’s when I decided to give it a go myself. I changed the recipe a tiny bit, just because I had forgotten to buy enough dark chocolate and had some soft nut...

Healthy salmon wraps

I made these salmon wraps a while back, but have forgotten to put them up here on Ambrosia. I found the recipe in the cookbook ‘Lækkermad’ (that’s Danish for delicious  food) It’s a tasty and healthy dish full of good vitamins and minerals. I might swap the tortilla for Vietnamese rice paper, next time I make this dish. I think it will work better. But that’s not to say that this way wasn’t good though, each to their own. Ingredients;

Fall chopped salad

This is a wonderful, flavorful salad perfect for fall. I served it for my birthday dinner this weekend with prosciutto wrapped salmon and my friends loved it. My friend Gry kept saying how surprised she was by all the different flavors there was in one salad. Ingredients 1 large head of romaine lettuce, chopped Half a cucumber, chopped into bite size pieces 2 medium pears, chopped 1 cup dried cranberries 1 cup chopped walnuts 8 slices thick-cut bacon, crisp-cooked and crumbled 100 g of feta cheese, crumbled Instructions

Homemade french baguette

It’s my birthday tomorrow, so we had a few friends over this Saturday for a little birthday dinner. I cooked a light dinner with a few salads, salmon and these baguettes. I found this recipe at this other great blog that I follow. They are super easy and simple to make. The only thing you need is a bit of time as they need to rise overnight in the refrigerator. You will get 3 baguettes out of this batch. Ingredients;

Cheddar & Bacon Popcorn

I found these popcorn a few months ago when I was browsing the isles of ‘Mad & Vin’- a supermarket in Magasin Copenhagen. It’s a high end supermarket and I love to go there every now and then. The price is of course also a bit ‘high end’ so it’s not a place I go grocery shopping, but rather go to find exclusive and rare products. And that’s exactly what I found the last time I was there. Cheddar and bacon popcorn!! I have never seen that before, despite the fact that I lived in New York City for almost three years and I found plenty of quirky products over there. We have had them on the shelf for quite...

Lasagna with red wine and bacon

One of Sillas’ friends came over on Sunday to watch the Eagles – Lions game. We’re about 6 hours ahead of the US, so the early game doesn’t start till about 7 PM. Watching the game over dinner is what we usually do here. I had seen this recipe on another blog a few months back and since lasagna is Sillas’ favorite dish, I thought it would be a good dish to serve at our little NFL get together. The ingredients;

Quick and easy oatmeal rolls

These rolls are super easy and quick to bake. Last night I had made the dough for a whole-wheat sourdough bread. I had used a new type of flour, and didn’t really like the feel of it. But I put it in the fridge overnight as the recipe said and baked the rolls this morning. And as I expected they turned out…well a little strange; not light and airy like they should be, and wouldn’t bake all the way though no matter how long I left them in the oven. I wasn’t very happy with the result, and I needed bread for lunch. So I  went online and found this recipe for oatmeal rolls, and they turned out great and...