Homemade caramel that should have been fudge

Cupcake course at ‘SpecialKøbmanden’

Tuesday was a very good but long day. I was up at 6 Am and off to work till 4 PM, but then I going to a cupcake course at ‘Specialkøbmanden’ in Lyngby. Specialkøbmanden (specialty merchant) is such a wonderful store for a cake nerd like myself. They sell cake decoration supplies and accessories for cakes and a well of spices, teas and coffees. They have stores all around Denmark. A few months back I attended one of their cake decoration courses, which was amazing I a came home with a very good looking cake if I say so myself. This Tuesday I tried their cupcake course, and it was just as great.

It’s a small class, with only 7 attendees, so its nice and cozy and it gives the instructor a chance to help everybody out.

The course started with the instructor, Fie, giving a few tips and tricks on decorating cupcakes. The store had already baked chocolate cupcakes for us, six each. And we were given whatever we needed and wanted to decorate our cupcakes. Absolute heaven to have an array of color, shimmering sprays, fondant, butter cream and sprinkles.

But when you have all these things, its actually quite difficult to decide what to make….so I started with a purple rose, and it turned out really really great. I kind of wanted to just make six beautiful roses, but then again, I also wanted to try all the other decorating tools and supplies. So I made a….uhmm I guess I’d call it a purple cousin to Elmo, using the grass tip, and a bit of fondant for the eyes and mouth. Next was a cupcake with hot pink butter cream topping with gold spray. I like really bright colors, so no pastels for me..

Next up was a circus cupcake. I colored some fondant with a turquoise icing color, then I sprayed it with pearl shimmer spray and topped it off with green and pink butter cream.

I had some black fondant left over from purple Elmo’s eyes and decided to cover one of the cupcakes with it and then made it into a smiley face using hot pink butter cream. On both cupcakes covered with fondant, was a thin layer of butter cream. It helps the fondant stay on the cake.

Time was almost up and I still had one cupcake to decorate. I wanted to make a ‘classic’ cupcake top in simple white butter cream. But then I saw that they had silver shimmer spray and added a bit of that….and then black sprinkles. I also wanted to try using a paintbrush and a bit of blue metallic icing color. It was hard to stop, there was so much fin stuff to decorate with!

The class was really great and Fie, the instructor was very nice and helpful. It cost 300 DKK, which I think is a very good price. A great experience and delicious cupcakes to take home.

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