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Homemade liquorice fudge

I decided to try and make homemade fudge after seeing another blogger put up a post with really good looking fudge pieces. And also because Sillas loooves fudge, I usually buy a batch of it for him when I’m at Torvehallerne here in Copenhagen. But now I decided to give it a try myself.


I made one batch with vanilla and another with liquorice flavor.  I also used two different recipes, so see which I liked better. And I got very different results. One turned out as I hoped but the other turned out as sweet, creamy, vanilla caramel. Still very good, but just not the fudge I had hoped for. But I’ll write more about that little experience another day.

Today I’ll show the liquorice fudge I made.


1 can of condensed milk

1 dl. of heavy or whipping cream

450 grams of cane sugar

1 tsp. of liquorice syrup

115 g. of butter.

4 tsp. of liquorice powder

Here’s what to do;

Mix everything except the liquorice powder in pan on medium heat. Keep an eye on it and stir every minute or so. When it starts to bubble, you need to keep stirring more often for the next 10 minutes.

Now take it off the stove and transfer the mixture into a bowl or your mixer. Using either mixer or an electric whisk beat for 10 minutes. The texture will change a bit and become thicker. The last thing you do is add the liquorice powder into the mixture and beat for one more minute. I used my mortar to pound the powder a bit before adding it.

Pour into a tray covered with grease proof paper or in molds. I used the same molds as when I made filled chocolates a few weeks back.

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  • Lisa Frank

    I have made this recipe twice and it does not set up – remains very runny. Any suggestions? Also, my licorice powder does not dissolve but remains clumpy. Not sure how to get it incorporated into the sugar mixture. I have been trying to make licorice fudge for years to no avail. Help!

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    • Nilssons Ambrosia

      Hi Lisa,

      When the mixture starts to bubble, you need to keep it on the heat for about 10 minutes. The mixture needs to feel quite thick before you take it off the heat.
      Do you have a pestle and mortar? Thats what I use to really bash the licorice powder into a finer powder. Or perhaps you could use a mini food processor.
      I hope this works :)

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  • Hejsa!

    Ejjh hvor godt at når jeg leder efter en opskrift på liquorice fudge at jeg når frem til en Dansk blog :)

    Super fed opskrift, jeg glæder mig til at prøve!

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Nilssons Ambrosia

      Tusind tak! Ja prøv dem, de er super gode! Tror også snart jeg skal lave dem igen.

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • peter

    Could you please tell me What 1dl of cream is thank you

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Gudrun Skaaluren

      1 dl of cream is 3,38 ounce whipping cream

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