Quinoa salad with avocado, tomatoes and roasted almonds

Tis the season….for homemade honey schnapps

This is very very simple but oh so risky to make. In Denmark schnapps (or snaps as we call it) and Christmas lunches go hand in hand.  And I am not a fan of schnapps at all, but in the recent years I have tried alternatives to the regular cumin schnapps. Last year it was elderflower I tried and this year Sillas and I have made our own.

We made this honey schnapps for a Christmas lunch we went to last weekend. We got the idea from my friend and Sillas’ cousin. So thank you Rie.

When I say that its risky to make, I mean it’s the result and not the actual making of the schnapps. See its so good that you forget that its actually schnapps you drinking. And all of a sudden you have had quite a few.

Here’s what you need- at own risk; 

1 bottle of schnapps. I used Høker schnapps

1 jar of honey, 425 g.

You will also need a funnel and an empty bottle.

And what you do now is;

Heat the honey in a pot. Let it cool a bit. This way its much easier to pour in the bottle.

Pour the schnapps and honey in the empty bottle and that’s it.

Happy holidays!

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