Homemade potato soup

Christmas was here, and it was wonderful

Christmas gifts 2012 fondant cutters, glitter, gel colour

It’s the 27th and a whole lot of Christmas celebrations have been done the past week, and we are still not done here. Today it the only complete day, Sillas and I have to ourselves between Christmas until the 1st of January. And it has been amazing, lots of sleep, relaxing, building a few pieces of IKEA furniture for the apartment and looking at all the amazing presents we received over Christmas.

Looking at my presents, you can see that my friends, family and not least Sillas really know what a cooking and baking nerd I am.  I received some great great gifts. As well as make-up, clothes, books I received  lots of glitter, gel colors, fondant tools, cookie cutters, a cupcake stand, decorating sets and an amazing macaroon baking set from Sillas. 2013 is going to be a great year for baking that’s for sure. I haven’t ventured out into the macaroon world yet, but now I’m ready and can’t wait to get started.

We still have a Christmas get-together with Gløgg and apple slices (aka Æbleskiver) on Saturday, so this holiday is not done for us just yet. It has been an amazing Christmas, lots of love, laughter and fantastic food.

How was your holiday?

Glitter and fondant tools, Christmas gifts

Now it’s almost time for New Years Eve. We are spending the evening with a bunch of Sillas’ friends and everyone’s welcome to bring a little something to the party. I think I’ll make a batch of homemade chocolates. We were at my aunt Ulla’s house yesterday for an amazing Christmas lunch and she and her husband had made some delicious chocolates with fig filling. I think that I will make something similar for New Years.

Macaroon baking set

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Homemade potato soup