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Chunky Monkey Ice cream

Homemade ice cream chunkey monkey

I got an ice cream machine for Christmas in 2011 but haven’t gotten around to using it – until now. Better late than never I guess.

I wanted to make two kinds of ice cream; one flavor that I chose and one that Sillas chose. I looked through my amazingly good looking ice cream book – ‘The Icecreamist’ and chose peanut butter ice cream, and Sillas’ choice was Chunky Monkey – Banana ice ream with chocolate and walnut chunks.

I made Chunky Monkey first. I substituted walnuts for pecan nuts and also added some banana aroma to really get a good banana taste.

The ice cream turned out alright, but I think that I left it in the ice cream machine a bit too long. The texture wasn’t as creamy as I would have liked, so next time I’ll keep a better eye on it. 


1 can / 397 g condensed milk

5 dl skim milk

1 vanilla pod

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

2 very ripe bananas

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 large handful of chopped pecan nuts

200 g of chopped dark chocolate

1 teaspoon of banana aroma

Homemade Chunky Monkey ice cream with pecan nuts


Whisk the condensed milk skim milk as  vanilla extract,  vanilla beans and banana aroma together in a bowl. Mash the bananas and mix them with lemon juice (to avoid the bananas change in colour)

Mix the bananas with the milk and transfer the mixture to an ice cream machine and churn according to manufacturer’s instructions.

When the ice cream begins to thicken add pecan nuts and chocolate. Continue mixing the ice cream till ready, then transfer into a freezer proof container and put in the freezer for at least a few hours.

Chunky Monkey ice cream homemade

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