Banana pancakes with blueberry skyr

Strawberry, Banana, Blueberry Milkshake

Banana, Strawberry and Blueberry milkshake

I treated myself to a homemade milkshake this afternoon. Since we had a few bananas and some blueberry sauce left over form the other day, they went in the blender along with a handful of frozen strawberries. I love how simple and yet so so delicious a milkshake is…summer in a glass!


1 ripe banana

A handful of strawberries

2 tablespoons of blueberry sauce

3 scoops of vanilla ice cream

2 or 3 dl. of milk

What to do;

Add all the ingredients in a blender. Use more or less milk and ice cream to get the consistency you like. Blitz and enjoy!

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Banana pancakes with blueberry skyr