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Homemade Mint Syrup

Homemade mint syrup

A few weeks ago I went to Torvehallerne here in Copenhagen with my good friend Gry. Torvehallerne is an amazing food market with lots and lots of little stores full of delicious food. They have everything from fresh fish, meats, cheeses, chocolates, baking goods and spices. I love it. And so does Gry, so every once in a while we have to have a little trip to Torvehallerne.

This last time, I bought a lovely lavender syrup. Usually I think that lavender products are too perfumey, but this syrup was really great and had a very subtle.

It made me want to try and make my own homemade syrup. The first batch was mint syrup, made with a bunch of fresh mint leaves. Again the taste is very nice and subtle. I guess that you could add a bit of mint aroma or essence, but I wanted it simple and clean.

The syrup is perfect for a bowl of ice cream, your yogurt in the morning or a cup of hot or iced tea. So here’s what you need:

Homemade syrup with fresh mint


185 g. sugar

2 dl. water

A bunch of mint leaves

What to do:

Add sugar, water and mint leaves to a pot on the stove.

Turn up the heat and boil for 10 minutes.

Take the pot off the stove and let it cool for a little bit before pouring into a sterilized jar – using a sift to catch all of the mint leaves.

Keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks

Mint syrup

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