Herb and Potato Mash

I really like mash potatoes, but not the fact that it’s a quite rich dish with lots of butter and milk or cream added. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t say no if I’m offered a plateful, but sometimes it’s just nice to have a little healthier alternative. And that’s exactly what I cooked the other day. And really, it’s just as good, and packed with flavor and yummy herbs. I used sour cream instead of milk and butter and it gives it a nice and fresh taste.  You can use any herb you like, I just had a bunch of  flat leaf parsley in the fridge, so that’s what I used this time. It’s also a quite quick dish...

Chickpea and herb salad

I love chickpea salads, especially with a bunch of herbs and lemon. But you can mix it up as you like really.  I like it because it’s a nice alternative to a rice or pasta dish and its fresh and full of flavor. I made this salad last night as a side dish for dinner. The recipe is a variation of a Jamie Oliver dish he put up on his facebook page yesterday. I think it was meant to be an alternative to a meat dish, but I like my meat and made pork loin steaks to go with the salad.

Berry Crumble

I love this dessert, it’s super easy, delicious and you can use a large variety of fruits and berries and even change up the topping ingredients. I usually have apple crumble with oatmeal crumble, but this week I wanted to try and make it a bit more summery by using a mixture of berries. I love marzipan and had a bit left over in the fridge, so I decided to add some of that to the crumble. I will be doing that again, because that was just so delicious. I used frozen berries but fresh will of course work just as well. What kind of crumble cakes to you guys usually make?

Potato and Corn Salad

It’s the middle of August, its raining outside and I’m wrapped in a toasty blanket. It feels so much like fall it knocking on the door, and I am just not ready for it. Summer needs to stay just a little longer. BBQ’s, trips to the beach, warm summer nights, I’m not done yet! So for dinner tonight I made a fresh potato salad that tastes just like summer. A few but lovely fresh ingredients is all you need.

Poaching eggs

When I lived in New York I often had eggs benedict when I went out for brunch with my friends. It really is a perfect brunch dish – especially after a night out. I have never made eggs benedict, mainly because I was a bit weary of the whole poaching eggs process. But yesterday I decided to learn how to do it. And bought two large cartons of eggs and poached one egg at a time. And I was happy to discover that it wasn’t as difficult as I had feared. So Sillas and I had eggs benedict for dinner yesterday. It might be a brunch dish, but I can tell you that it works just fine for dinner as...