Ginger pears with white chocolate mousse – made with a siphon

For my birthday last year, Sillas gave me a fancy cream siphon.  Its so cool, and it came with a little recipe book full of savory and sweet recipes. Amazing how many fun things you can make with a siphon. But somehow a whole year passed and I still had not used it. Ahh the guilt! So this year on my birthday, Sillas cooked us a couple of amazing steaks and I made the dessert using my siphon. And I can’t believe it took me a whole year to start using it. Its so much fun! I started with a simple dessert: Ginger pears with wonderful white chocolate mousse. Here is the recipe from the little recipe book from Mastrad.

Vanilla cupcakes with pink rosewater frosting

I made these cupcakes for my friends baby shower. I have become really fond of vanilla cupcakes lately, and thought that they fit perfectly for this event. Simple, delicate and still full of sweet flavor. And of course I had to use a bit of pink color to really make the frosting pop. I have made rosewater cupcakes before, but thought that the taste of rosewater was a bit overpowering. So this time, I only added rosewater to the cream cheese frosting and it turned out fantastic. 

Hosting a pink baby shower

  Along with a few friends, I recently hosted a lovely, pink and girly baby shower for our friend Louise. And my goodness I loved planning and preparing this baby shower. It was so much fun; planning the menu and little snack and decoration ideas. I knew that I wanted to bake cupcakes with pink frosting and decided on vanilla cupcakes with rosewater frosting. Lovley and delicate, perfect for a baby shower. It looked and tasted amazing. Our apartment turned into a baby shower heaven filled with balloons, candles, napkins, tablecloths, plates, cake stands and it-a-girl banner, all in pink of course. It was a small shower with 7 guests in total and we had prepared a real feast. We...