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New Years Eve Champagne Cocktails

Drinks for New Years

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and I cannot wait. I love New Year’s Eve. An evening with great company, good food, lots of delicious drinks and an excitement of what the next year might bring. Oh and dressing up for New Years is always so much fun, finding the perfect dress and choosing which earrings, necklace or rings to go with it. And lets not forget the nail polish!

Champagne cork

This years where spending the evening here in Copenhagen with a group of friends from Sillas’ High School days and I just know that its going to be a great night.

Whether you’re spending the night at home or are out with friends or family champagne cocktails are always a hit, at least with me. I love mixing drinks and finding the perfect combination of sweet, sour and bubbly.

Here are a few variations of  champagne cocktails.

Champagne and Mango-Orange juice

The first is a simple yet soooo delicious Mango-Orange Mimosa. I had my first mimosa when I lived in New York. It was like a staple of Sunday Brunch. All you need is Champagne (or sparkling wine) and juice.

Pour about 4 cl. Of Mango/Orange juice into a champagne glass and then fill with Champagne.

Done, Easy. Addictive.

Mango Mimosa


Amaretto Champagne Cocktail

The second cocktail is a pink girly drink in the best sense. I’ll call it Pink Copenhagen

All you need is:

1 cl. of amaretto liqueur (or 5 cl if you are making a pitcher)

Pink Champagne (or sparkling wine)

A few red berries

Fill a champagne glass with champagne and add the amaretto liqueur. Stir gently and add a few red berries. I chose red currant, but strawberries or raspberries are just as good.

If you want to make this cocktail in a pitcher, simply fill it with a bottle of pink champagne and add 5 cl. of amaretto liqueur.

It’s a lovely and very pretty cocktail this one.

New Years Champagne cocktails

Gin and Champagne Cocktail (2)

The last cocktail is a bit stronger but still amazing. I found the recipe online and it was called French 75. Here’s what you need:

3 cl. of good Gin

3 cl. of sour mix ( if you don’t have this, I made my own and you can find the recipe bellow)

Champagne (again – or sparkling wine)

Mix Gin and the sour mix in a shaker and pour into a glass. Fill with Champagne. And Enjoy.

I love when cocktails are simple, easy and quick to make. That way you can try out so many.

Champagne cocktail with Gin and Sour Mix

* Sour mix recipe

You will need:

12 cl of sugar

4 cl of water

10 cl of lemon juice (or 5 cl of lime and 5 cl of lemon juice)


Heat 6 cl sugar 4 cl water in a pan until it turns into sugar syrup.

Stir in 10 cl of lemon juice. Set aside to cool, and now you have your very own sour mix.

Happy New Years!!

New Years Eve drinks


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