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Chocolates filled with meringue

Homemade filled chocolates

I saw a picture on Instagram the other day of filled chocolates and I had to try and somehow recreate them. They looked so good!

Basically they are a new version of flødeboller aka Danish cream puffs. I wish I could take credit for the idea of making them into little filled chocolates, but the creator of Copenhagencakes has that honor.

Nevertheless, the result is so yummy and delicious. They are perfect little bite-sized cream puffs.


Chocolates filled with meringue


Filled chocolates homemade

About 20 mini cream puffs

60 g water

150 g sugar

80 g glucose syrup

1 vanilla pod

100 g egg whites

2 small tablespoons sugar

200 g marzipan

icing sugar

250 g dark chocolate – I used 70 %

Mini flødeboller


Sprinkle powdered sugar on your table top and roll the marzipan out to the desired thickness. I rolled it out to about 5 mm. Now take your chocolate mold and place over the rolled out marzipan. Gently push to make an indent and then cut out the bottoms for each chocolate. The bottom should be a tiny bit smaller than the holes in the mold. This way they will fit easier.

Set the bottoms aside.

Now, melt the chocolate. Then pour the melted chocolate in the chocolate mold , making sure all sides are covered with a thin layer of chocolate.. While the chocolate hardens make the filling.

Boil water, sugar, glucose syrup and vanilla in a pot without a lid until it has a temperature of 117 degrees

Whisk egg whites and 2 tablespoons of sugar until almost stiff.

Pour the sugar mixture slowly over egg whites while whisking. Beat further for approx. 8 minutes while the mass thickens. Stop when the desired consistency is achieved.

Add the meringue mixture to a piping bag and place it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

Now fill the chocolate molds with a little blob of meringue mixture and cover with the marzipan bottoms.

Finish by covering with a layer of melted chocolate and leave to set for about an hour.

And now you have the sweetest little cream puffs ready to eat!


Meringue filled chocolates


Filled chocolates

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