Homemade Bounty Bars

It’s Thursday and that just means that the weekend is just around the corner. Can’t wait! Here is a great recipe if you want to make a little something sweet and yummy for the weekend. Homemade Bounty Bars! This is a dangerously easy recipe for something so good and delicious. I have previously made homemade snickers bars which had a few steps before I could eat the result. But this recipe is so easy is quick. They were gone pretty quick after Sillas and I had had our first taste… Here’s the recipe (only 3 ingredients!)  

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

Happy Valentine’s Day! We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day as much here in Denmark as in the US or other countries. But it is becoming more and more popular each year. I feel that people either love or hate Valentine’s day. People say that it’s just a commercialist holiday created by Hallmark and large corporations. But I like it. Flowers, chocolates and a good dinner – what’s not to like. Here are a few sweet cupcake recipes if you feel like baking something sweet for your love. Happy baking. 

Dinner at Søren K for Copenhagen Dining Week

Last night we had dinner at the restaurant Søren K at the Royal Library in Copenhagen as part of Copenhagen Dining week. And it was really great, delicious food, a beautiful view and the best company:  my handsome boyfriend. The restaurant had put together a wonderful three course menu for this week’s event. And it was so good. The dessert was, not surprisingly, my favorite. I have to apologize for the quality of the photos, but I only had my iPhone with me and this is the best I could do. This was the menu for the evening: Halibut with pickled cauliflower, crunchy malt bread and lobster mayonnaise Roast veal and sausage with pumpkin purée and black cabbage, Puylentils and...

We’re going out tonight!

  When you mention week 7 in Denmark, people would always associate it with skiing and winter vacation. But for the past 4 years it has also meant Copenhagen Dining Week. I have never been a great skier, but this new tradition is something I can get on board with. During this week, Copenhagen is transformed into a restaurant festival. You have the opportunity to experience a variety of good restaurants at a fair price. The selected 3 course meals costs DKK 200 pr. Person (about 37 US$) and also includes a bottle of San Pellegrino (a co- sponsor of the event). Some of the best restaurants are represented and common for all is that the high quality they offer....