We're going out tonight!

Dinner at Søren K for Copenhagen Dining Week

Søren K collage

Last night we had dinner at the restaurant Søren K at the Royal Library in Copenhagen as part of Copenhagen Dining week. And it was really great, delicious food, a beautiful view and the best company:  my handsome boyfriend.

The restaurant had put together a wonderful three course menu for this week’s event. And it was so good. The dessert was, not surprisingly, my favorite.

I have to apologize for the quality of the photos, but I only had my iPhone with me and this is the best I could do.

This was the menu for the evening:

  • Halibut with pickled cauliflower, crunchy malt bread and lobster mayonnaise
  • Roast veal and sausage with pumpkin purée and black cabbage, Puylentils and Marsala sauce
  • Apple bavaroise with apple purée and nougatine

We began with a light halibut starter which had a perfect balance of sour from the pickled cauliflower and sweet from the lobster mayonnaise. The fish was very delicate and tender. I really liked the pickled cauliflower. I had never tried it before but now I would like to try it out myself in my little kitchen.

First course Søren K Copenhagen Dining Week

The main course was again full of flavor. I am more of a beef kinda girl rather than veal. But this roast veal was just so delicious, tender and juicy and had the perfect amount of marsala sauce. It was served with a really good and creamy pumpkin purée, lentils and black cabbage. Again, I had never tried black cabbage (not the most flattering name I know) until last night, and I was pleasantly surprised with its deep and nutty flavor. Very delicious.

Roast veal Copenhagen Dining Week

The last course was just amazing.. I can’t even pin point just one thing in this dessert that was the best. It was all so good. The apple bavaroise was so smooth and creamy. Although it was an apple dessert, it also had a lot of hazelnut and nougat flavor. The nougatine was small pieces of wonderful caramel like crunch and on top of the bavaroise was a little bit of soft apple caramel. And here and there was small perfectly placed dots of apple purée. So so good. And this is also something I want to try and recreate at home, especially the bavaroise. Bavaroise is a dessert similar to pastry cream but thickened with gelatin or isinglass instead of flour or cornstarch. It’s a bit like panna cotta but somehow even more creamy. Just amazing.

Amazing dessert at Søren K

After dinner, we took along walk through Copenhagen. A wonderful night and a perfect pre-valentines date.

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