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When you mention week 7 in Denmark, people would always associate it with skiing and winter vacation. But for the past 4 years it has also meant Copenhagen Dining Week. I have never been a great skier, but this new tradition is something I can get on board with.

During this week, Copenhagen is transformed into a restaurant festival. You have the opportunity to experience a variety of good restaurants at a fair price. The selected 3 course meals costs DKK 200 pr. Person (about 37 US$) and also includes a bottle of San Pellegrino (a co- sponsor of the event). Some of the best restaurants are represented and common for all is that the high quality they offer.  Basically it gives you the chance to try out some of the best restaurants in the city at an affordable price.

Tables are booked really quick once the event is kicked off, so you have to be fast if you want a table at your favorite restaurant at a decent dinner hour. You can get an overview and book tables on the events homepage – – and you buy your ticket or voucher when you book the table, print it out and present it at the restaurant. Very easy.

This year  (tonight to be more exact)  we are trying the restaurant called Søren K which is located in The Black Diamond (The Royal Library in Copenhagen). The owners created a restaurant which both gastronomically and ambient-wise matched the rigorous and clear style of the house itself  It’s located by the waterfront of Copenhagen Harbor. So the view should be amazing too.  The menu looks delicious and I cannot wait to experience it all.

I love the concept of this event, its perfect for a foodie like myself. Good restaurants, great food and the perfect company. And I love the fact that the event runs the whole week and is not just limited to the weekend. Fancy dinner in the middle of the week,- what a great way to spend a February evening.

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  • I love the concept! Been living in Cph for 5 years, but it’s my first time to try it this year :-) Eating out tonight and Sunday night as well. Expectations are high!

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  • Nilssons Ambrosia

    I love it and my expectations are high as well. And I think that they will be met. Which restaurants are you trying? I need to be faster next year and book a few more restaurants, there are so many more I want to try.

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