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Homemade Bounty Bars

Bounty bar

It’s Thursday and that just means that the weekend is just around the corner. Can’t wait! Here is a great recipe if you want to make a little something sweet and yummy for the weekend. Homemade Bounty Bars!

This is a dangerously easy recipe for something so good and delicious. I have previously made homemade snickers bars which had a few steps before I could eat the result. But this recipe is so easy is quick. They were gone pretty quick after Sillas and I had had our first taste…

Here’s the recipe (only 3 ingredients!)  

Bounty pre chocolate


300 g. shredded coconut

A can of condensed milk (397g)

450 g of chocolate ( I used dark, but milk chocolate works just as well)

Homemade coconut bar


In a large bowl, mix shredded coconut and condensed milk into a sticky and gooey paste.

Using your hands, form rectangles with the paste. Press firmly to make sure the rectangles will keep their shape.

Place the rectangles on a board or tray with grease proof papir and place in the refrigerator for an hour – or the freezer for 20 minutes. This way, they will keep their shape and make the next step much easier.

Finally cover with melted chocolate and let set before indulging in this sweet treat.

Homemade bounty bars


Bounrty Homemade

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