Hazelnut nougat and chocolate chip cookies

Calling all cake lovers in Copenhagen – Sweet Sneak #7 is this Saturday!

Sweet sneak.


One weekend afternoon every other month a group of 5 bakerette friends with a passion for baking amazing cakes, macaroons, cupcakes and pastries are hosting a wonderful event called ‘Sweet Sneak’ in Copenhagen.

It’s a pop-up bakery where you can stop by, have a piece – or three – of delicious cake, listen to some sweet music and just enjoy a wonderful Sunday.

The location changes every other month. This month it will be in Nørrebro and the exact location will be revealed the day before the event.

I love the concept! Bringing people together with sweet cakes, music and great friendship. And the prices are fair and the sizes are after a cake lovers heart.

So if you’re in town or close by, come by and have a piece of cake and some good old fashioned Danish hygge.

You can also read more about the event – and get the exact address – on their facebook page


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Hazelnut nougat and chocolate chip cookies