Danish summer strawberry pie

A few summer favorites…

eos lip balm and hand lotionEos

I don’t know how long Eos has been on the market, but I started to notice their cute lip balms about a year ago. They are super cute and 95% organic. And the pretty colors and sweet flavors just appeals to the girly girl in me. My favorites are honeysuckle Honeydew and sweet mint. Sillas gave me an Easter basket full of Eos lip balms this year. It was so cute, like lots of little Easter eggs.

And I just saw that they also make hand and body lotion. I haven’t tried their body lotion – yet, but I just bought the pink berry blossom hand lotion, and I’m a fan already. It’s fast-absorbing, not greasy and has a sweet but subtle smell.

Fresh Danish strawberries


When I see the year’s first harvest of Danish strawberries in the grocery store, it just makes me happy and I immediately buy a box and start to think of recipes I can use them in – or you know, just go home and eat them from the box. I have already made a few things with strawberries this year, like this, and that one.

pastel nail polish

Summer polish

I wear nail polish about 360 days a year so it’s not often that I actually have ‘naked’ nails to show off. After a Halloween night with bright red nails 6 years ago I just thought that it brightens up your look a bit to have a little color on your nails. I also wear a lot of black clothes, so I need a bit of pop. Pink, red and OPI’s ‘Not Like the Movies’ color from their Katy Perry collection.

But now its summer and I like to wear something a little more subtle and girly, like these pastel colors. They go really well with flowery summer dresses and are just very pretty.



Flowers are beautiful and pretty any time of the year, and summer is definitely so exception. Nature is full of blooming flowers and that makes me want to bring that prettiness into our apartment in the middle of the city so we can feel a little bit part of nature until we have a house and our very own garden.

hydrania rose


pink buquet


orange buquet

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Danish summer strawberry pie