Banana Bread with Cocoa Frosting

Bounty Balls


This recipe is so so simple and easy and yet it tastes like you’ve been in the kitchen for hours. You only need a small handful of ingredients.

I recently bought a danish confections cook book and saw this cool trick to make homemade chocolates look like a million dollars. All it takes is a bit of eatable gold dust, you chocolates and a plastic bag. Shake and you’re done. I love it!

Here’s the recipe for homemade juicy bounty balls:



250 g shredded coconut

A can of condensed milk

1 vanilla pod

250 g of milk chocolate

A teaspoon of eatable gold dust


Add shredded coconut, vanilla seeds and condensed milk to a bowl and stir it together.

Put the mixture in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.

Roll the mixture into small bite sized balls.

Temper the chocolate ( I have a guide right here) and roll the bounty balls in the tempered chocolate. Place in the fridge.

When the chocolate has set, place the balls in a plastic bag along with a teaspoon of gold dust. Close tightly and shake until all the bounty balls are covered with a thing layer of gold dust.

And thats it. Enjoy!




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