Mousse swirl ala Snickers

I have wanted to make these mousse cakes for a while. Snickers is one of my favorite chocolate bars so I like to make and bake different chocolate and peanut creations. And ever since I received some really cool swirl molds from Silikomart for Christmas I have been trying to come up with a sweet and salty dessert. So this weekend I made a small batch of snicker swirls. And they are goood. Really yummy, sweet a little salty and delicious. The base is a small piece of peanut butter blondie. The center is salty caramel and its all covered in sweet and airy milk chocolate mousse. Yum! I made a chocolate mousse without stabilizer, so its very soft and...

Peanut butter blondies

These blondies are chewy, sweet and with a salty peanut twist. They are a delicious alternative to the regular blondies and if you add a bit of dark chocolate it’s a bit like eating a homemade snickers bar. Ingredients:

Cinnamon Rolls

This is a classic and one of my absolute favorite pastries. Here in Denmark bakeries offer all sorts of cinnamon rolls; high, sugar, cinnamon, cream, rum and Wednesday cinnamon rolls, which is a classic cinnamon roll but just in a XL size.  I love them all. This recipe is for the classic cinnamon roll. Ingredients: