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Carrot Cake with a hint of orange


We had friends over for Friday. Summer is finally here in Denmark, so we moved our dinner table out into the garden so we could enjoy all the sun and the light summer evening with the kids running around the garden. I love it!

I baked this carrot cake that I have been eyeing for a while on another blog. It looked so yummy and I thought that it was perfect for a light dinner instead of a heavy brownie. It is a bit different from a classic carrot cake, like this one I baked a few years back, as it has a good kick of orange and it also has a few extra spices added. But it really works and full of taste and still a light dessert. Sillas is not a big fan of carrot cake but he said that this was the best carrot cake he has tasted

Carrot Cake

for 8-10 people


4 eggs

200 g of soft cane sugar

100 g brown sugar

2.5 dl sunflower oil

300 g of wheat flour

1 pinch of salt

1.5 tsp. cake factor * If you can’t find this, you can also use your own mix of the ingredients mentioned bellow, or some or all of the *classic’ carrot cake spices; cinnamon, all spice, nutmeg, ginger

1 organic orange, zest and juice

3 large carrots

50 g of raw marcipan, grated


* This is a Spice mix made by another blogger for the brand Mill & Mortar. It is a mix of cinnamon, star anise, all spice, ginger, carnations and mace



Whisk eggs, cane sugar and brown sugar together into an airy and light mixture. Slowly pour the sunflower oil in the mix. Sift all the dry ingredients into the mixture and gently fold it together. Grate the carrots and add them into the dough. Then add the orange juice and the orange zest into the dough along with the grated marcipan. Pour the dough into a spring form (20-22 cm in diameter)

Bake the carrot cake at 175 degrees C hot air for approx. 45-50 min. Let the cake cool off in the mold.



1 vanilla pod

400 g of powdered sugar

300 g of soft butter

400 g of neutral cream cheese

2 tablespoons. lemon juice


Scrape this vanilla seeds with a bit of sugar to create a vanilla paste. Whip the vanilla sugar, powdered sugar and butter to a light and creamy mixture. This will take a few minutes Fold the cream cheese into the butter mixture. Mix just until it is uniform. If you over whip it the cream cheese will split. Add the lemon juice in. Pour the frost into a piping bag.


When the cake is cool you can either cut he cake in two and pipe a layer of frosting between the two layers, or just frost the top of the cake like I did here.




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