Cinnamon Rolls

This is a classic and one of my absolute favorite pastries. Here in Denmark bakeries offer all sorts of cinnamon rolls; high, sugar, cinnamon, cream, rum and Wednesday cinnamon rolls, which is a classic cinnamon roll but just in a XL size.  I love them all. This recipe is for the classic cinnamon roll. Ingredients:

Banana Bread with Cocoa Frosting

I have baked this banana bread so many times, and its always a hit. We often have a couple of bananas laying around and its never a problem when they start to turn a bit brown. Its just a good excuse to bake this yummy bread. I often top it off with a layer of cocoa cream cheese frosting. Ingredients

Danish Fastelavnsboller (Shrovetide buns)

In the beginning of February we celebrate Fastelavn here in Denmark. Fastelavn is the name for carnival here in Denmark, and the other Nordic countries. It’s a bit like the Nordic Halloween. Its all for the kids really. They dress up and ‘slå katten af tønden‘ (“hit the cat out of the barrel”), which is somewhat similar to a piñata. Back in the day, there actually used to be a real cat in the barrel, and beating the barrel was superstitiously considered a safeguard against evil. Thankfully we don’t do that anymore. Now the barrels are full of candy and oranges. We also eat fastelavnsboller (Shrovetide buns) which are sweet buns filled with either, custard, whipped cream or remonce (a Danish heavenly...

Blueberry Muffins

I have made these blueberry muffins a few times now and it’s a hit every time. This time a baked a double portion as we had two events this weekend. First for Sillas’ game night with the guys on Friday and on Saturday we went to the park for a birthday party for sweet little two-year-old girl. The weather was amazing, and for the first time this year, it really felt like summer. And blueberries just scream summer, I think so at least. The recipe is from Hummingbird Bakery’s cakebook. I have yet to go wrong with a single recipe from that book. The cakes just always turn out amazing and are always a hit.  These muffins are light, sweet...

Cardamom rolls – aka Varme Hveder

I have the day off today and looking forward to a long weekend. Today is a holiday in Denmark called Great Prayer Day (Store bededag) It is a holiday that dates back to 1686 by King Christian V, as a consolidation of several minor Romas Catholic holidays. The day was introduced as a more efficient alternative to individually celebrating a number of holidays honoring various minor saints in the spring In the evening before the holiday, it was customary to buy and eat varme hveder, (warm wheat rolls) a traditional bread, because bakers were closed on holidays and people bought bread for the following day. We still eat warm wheat rolls today, even though bakers are usually open on holidays now. It’s a...

Mothers Day Brunch

This Sunday is Mothers Day in Denmark. The past few years we have invited my mum – and my dad of course – in for homemade brunch on Mothers Day. The first year we lived here, we had actually invited them in for brunch at a café in the city. But the day before we changed our minds and decided to make it a more cozy affair and make it a homemade brunch. So it was a surprise to my mum when she walked into the apartment and the table was set for brunch with all the works. And she loved it; she was so happy and said that that was really what she wanted instead of going out. So...

Marzipan Buns

These marzipan buns are dangerously good. I recently began to work out more regularly and eating a bit healthier. But that didn’t stop me from eating 2 and a half of these yesterday…They are just so good! Substituting cinnamon for marzipan works great for this recipe. I also used regular wheat flour instead of spelt flour this time, and it really does make a different. The dough proves much better and the texture is just better for this kind of bread. I baked them a few different ways; individually on a baking tray and stacked together like a little bread or cake in an ovenproof dish. I like the second way best as it keeps the buns more moist and...

Vanilla spelt buns

It’s officially autumn! I have mixed feelings about it; on one hand I’ll miss long summer nights, BBQ’s, picnics in the park and warm, sunny weather, but on the other hand, there’s something so great about cozying up with blanket – and your guy- on the sofa with a cup of tea and candles lit in the window while the rain trickles down the window. Yesterday was one of those days and I wanted to bake a twist on cinnamon buns – vanilla buns, to go with the mood of autumn. And to make them a tiny bit healthier, I also used spelt flour instead of wheat flour. They don’t prove as much, but the result is still good. As...

Oatmeal & 5-Grain Rolls -Proved Overnight

I love freshly baked bread in the morning. For Sillas’ Birthday breakfast I baked these rolls. I bade the dough the night before and let it prove overnight in the refrigerator. Then I simply got up, turn the oven on and formed the rolls, put them on a baking tray and bake in the oven for 25 minutes. These rolls are full of healthy grains and fiber oatmeal, so you can eat them with a clean conscience. 

Oatmeal-Cranberry Muffins

We have been trying to eat a bit healthier here for the past month or so. Oh but I do miss baking sweet desserts…a colorful batch of cupcakes, chocolates with gooey filling…yum. Oh well, that’s only for special occasions now. So instead I decided to bake a batch of oat muffins with dried cranberries for extra flavor.  I love oatmeal –cranberry cookies, and this is a nice variation. Nutritional Facts at the very bottom of the post.