Granola Bars

This time of year I usually bake a few cakes using my NFL helmet pan and decorate the cakes with lots of icing. But this year I’m doing something a bit healthier, but still really sweet and delicious. Granola bars. Easy to make plus you can use a large variety of ingredients to fit everyone’s taste – I went in on for a bit of inspiration. And now that it is game day (Go Giants!) granola bars are also perfect snacks to bring along to a tailgate if you want to eat something that’s light and tasty. Ingredients

Mothers Day Brunch

This Sunday is Mothers Day in Denmark. The past few years we have invited my mum – and my dad of course – in for homemade brunch on Mothers Day. The first year we lived here, we had actually invited them in for brunch at a café in the city. But the day before we changed our minds and decided to make it a more cozy affair and make it a homemade brunch. So it was a surprise to my mum when she walked into the apartment and the table was set for brunch with all the works. And she loved it; she was so happy and said that that was really what she wanted instead of going out. So...

Pancakes with strawberry syrup

Another weekend- another batch of fluffy pancakes. These are the best pancakes I have ever made. It’s a big statement I know, but they just turned out perfect. And the recipe it very simple and easy, so this will be the basic recipe I will use from now on. I found the recipe on the food section of BBC’s homepage and made a few changes here and there, like adding vanilla. I love vanilla and add it to a lot of the things I bake. You can – almost – never have too much vanilla. They are just plain and basic pancakes, so I wanted to serve them with a new kind of syrup. I made strawberry syrup. You can...

Blueberry Pancakes

One of the many things I love about the weekend is sleeping in and getting up to make a stack of pancakes for a late breakfast. I like to try different variations of pancakes and last weekend I made classic blueberry pancakes. I used organic frozen blueberries because I can’t get good fresh ones this time of year. That’s why it kind of looks like I’ve made black current pancakes (something to actually try out another day…)  So if they had been in season, I would have used fresh blueberries. So here’s a recipe if you want to spoil someone you love with pancakes for breakfast this weekend.

Poaching eggs

When I lived in New York I often had eggs benedict when I went out for brunch with my friends. It really is a perfect brunch dish – especially after a night out. I have never made eggs benedict, mainly because I was a bit weary of the whole poaching eggs process. But yesterday I decided to learn how to do it. And bought two large cartons of eggs and poached one egg at a time. And I was happy to discover that it wasn’t as difficult as I had feared. So Sillas and I had eggs benedict for dinner yesterday. It might be a brunch dish, but I can tell you that it works just fine for dinner as...

Oatmeal & 5-Grain Rolls -Proved Overnight

I love freshly baked bread in the morning. For Sillas’ Birthday breakfast I baked these rolls. I bade the dough the night before and let it prove overnight in the refrigerator. Then I simply got up, turn the oven on and formed the rolls, put them on a baking tray and bake in the oven for 25 minutes. These rolls are full of healthy grains and fiber oatmeal, so you can eat them with a clean conscience. 

Greek Yogurt dish for breakfast or for dessert

This is so simple, fresh and just yummy. I made it for myself last Saturday for dessert and then again when Sillas and I had it for breakfast Sunday morning. And it works perfect for either course. I used the mint syrup that I made last week. I don’t really know why, but it brings out the almonds flavor, it brilliant.  And the dish is so quick and easy that you could easily use it as a last minute dessert. You don’t have to just use blueberries, any berry will work.  Here’s what you need and what to do:

Banana pancakes with blueberry skyr

Today’s breakfast was a really yummy one. I made banana pancakes. I wanted something to contrast the banana, which can be very rich, so I made blueberry skyr, which was nice and tangy. Skyr is an Icelandic cultured dairy product, similar to strained yogurt. It has a slightly sour dairy flavor, with a hint of residual sweetness. I found the pancake recipe on another blog, A Bitchin Kitchen, that I just discovered and now absolutely love. Lots of recipes that I cannot wait to try out! Here’s the recipe for banana pancakes and blueberry skyr Ingredients;

Lemon-ricotta pancakes with honey & vanilla almonds

Sillas tore his Achilles tendon a few weeks back, so I wanted to make him something special for breakfast on Saturday. I decided on these pancakes I have wanted to make for a while. They are lovely, light and taste delicious. Ingredients;

Homemade muesli

I’m not a big fan of store-bought muesli, at least not the selection we have here in Denmark… So I make my own. It varies from time to time, depending on what ingredients I have at home. This is the recipe for the batch I made last and it was quite good if I do say so myself. I ingredients