Mousse swirl ala Snickers

I have wanted to make these mousse cakes for a while. Snickers is one of my favorite chocolate bars so I like to make and bake different chocolate and peanut creations. And ever since I received some really cool swirl molds from Silikomart for Christmas I have been trying to come up with a sweet and salty dessert. So this weekend I made a small batch of snicker swirls. And they are goood. Really yummy, sweet a little salty and delicious. The base is a small piece of peanut butter blondie. The center is salty caramel and its all covered in sweet and airy milk chocolate mousse. Yum! I made a chocolate mousse without stabilizer, so its very soft and...

Peanut butter blondies

These blondies are chewy, sweet and with a salty peanut twist. They are a delicious alternative to the regular blondies and if you add a bit of dark chocolate it’s a bit like eating a homemade snickers bar. Ingredients:

Bounty Balls

This recipe is so so simple and easy and yet it tastes like you’ve been in the kitchen for hours. You only need a small handful of ingredients. I recently bought a danish confections cook book and saw this cool trick to make homemade chocolates look like a million dollars. All it takes is a bit of eatable gold dust, you chocolates and a plastic bag. Shake and you’re done. I love it! Here’s the recipe for homemade juicy bounty balls:

Chocolate moussecake with a strawberry centre

I have wanted to make this cake for a while; a sweet combination of layer and mousse cake. It’s a very light and silky smooth. The strawberry centre gives it a tangy contrast to the milky chocolate mousse. And its a pretty surprise when you cut into the cake. We had two sets of guests over on Sunday and by late afternoon, the whole cake was gone. So I will be making this cake again soon. I used three different sized pans, a 24 cm, a 22 cm and a 10 cm.

Rum Balls

We recently celebrated my youngest sons christening, and had the reception at our house. My aunt was so nice and offered to bake two beautiful layer cakes for our guests. They were perfect and tasted amazing. I decided to bake a bunch of smaller hors d’oeuvre like cakes to accompany the layer cakes. These small rum balls are very simple to make and very decorative on the table. Ingredients

Granola Bars

This time of year I usually bake a few cakes using my NFL helmet pan and decorate the cakes with lots of icing. But this year I’m doing something a bit healthier, but still really sweet and delicious. Granola bars. Easy to make plus you can use a large variety of ingredients to fit everyone’s taste – I went in on for a bit of inspiration. And now that it is game day (Go Giants!) granola bars are also perfect snacks to bring along to a tailgate if you want to eat something that’s light and tasty. Ingredients

Coffee Caramel

  I was recently invited by Nespresso and Kokkedal Castle to create a dessert recipe – only condition was of course that it had to contain coffee. I accepted the challenge and have now tried out quite a few different recipes. I has been so much fun testing out different ways of infusing coffee into desserts. I used this coffee caramel with a chocolate cake I baked and it worked really well. And its very easy to make too. You can drizzle it over cakes, ice cream or maybe in a cup of warm milk Ingredients:


This year we haven’t really had much of a summer here in Denmark. I guess we’ve had a week and half of ok summer weather in total so far. It has felt more like an early fall with lots of windy and rainy days.So no long days at the beach, BBQ’ing or roasting marshmallows and eating s’mores unfortunately. But then this is a fun alternative, you can make right at home in your kitchen. I didn’t really know what to cal them – they are s’mores deconstructed, kind of like muffins or cupcakes. And S’muffins sound better than S’cupcakes. They are made in a mini muffin pan, so perfect little snack sized treats. I found the recipe in Sweet Pea’s...

Danish træstammer – Rum ball logs

This is a very Danish specialty. I actually don’t think any other country makes these. I know that many countries have their version of a rum ball, but these rum tree logs covered with marzipan are typical Danish  (as far as I know) and can be found in any bakery around the country. The center is a delicious chocolatey/rum/cake mixture. The ingredients are the same as a rum ball, but tree logs are of course shaped different like a log and also as mentioned covered in marzipan and more chocolate. When bakers made these rum balls and tree logs, the mixture was actually made of cake leftovers from the bakery (yummy, I know…) and then added lots of jam and...

White chocolates with hazelnut truffel

I love the extra long weekend we always have at Easter time. It’s a welcome breather after a dark and long winter and a nice little kick-off to spring, warmer weather, evenings getting lighter and the sweet smell of blooming spring time. After a particularly busy winter, both socially and work wise, it was a nice and relaxed Easter weekend this year. A small dinner party with friends and an Easter lunch with family was all we had planned over the 5-day weekend. The rest of the time, we just spent together at home, and I loved every minute of it. I made these homemade chocolates as a hostess gift for Sillas’ aunt and uncle when we went for Easter...