Vanilla gelato with caramel and almond swirl

The Danish summer this year has just been amazing, lots of sun and 25-28 degrees. And it lasted far longer than it usually does, so it’s just an incredible summer.  That’s also why we decided to stay here in Denmark instead of traveling this summer. Well we did have a quick and wonderful trip over to Sweden, but other then that we just enjoyed the Danish summer. And one thing you absolutely need in such great weather is a big batch of ice cream. – Actually, I can eat ice cream any time of the year, but any excuse you know… I discovered this recipe one morning when I was watching a cooking show hosted by a Welsh lady who...

Lemon ice cream with white chocolate chunks – made without an ice cream machine.

It’s been a while since I have made ice cream myself, but when I saw a picture of this ice cream and how easy the recipe is, I knew that it was time to start making my own ice cream again. I have borrowed the recipe from two Danish bloggers, and have made a few little changes to it. It’s a lovely and creamy yet tangy cold treat. I think that it would also be really great in a layered ice cream cake with nutty cake layers. And it’s so easy and quick ( beside the actual freezing time) to make. I love that. Ingredients 

Homemade peanut butter ice cream, an Icecreamist recipe

The second batch of ice cream was peanut butter. The recipe is from my ice cream book ‘The icecreamist’ which I bought last summer in London. I love this book. It has so many amazing ice cream recipes; the traditional as well as a bunch of new fun and interesting flavors. And now that I have finally begun my ice cream making adventure, I can’t wait to try out another recipe from this book. The peanut butter ice cream turned out fantastic, very creamy and full of flavor.

Chunky Monkey Ice cream

I got an ice cream machine for Christmas in 2011 but haven’t gotten around to using it – until now. Better late than never I guess. I wanted to make two kinds of ice cream; one flavor that I chose and one that Sillas chose. I looked through my amazingly good looking ice cream book – ‘The Icecreamist’ and chose peanut butter ice cream, and Sillas’ choice was Chunky Monkey – Banana ice ream with chocolate and walnut chunks. I made Chunky Monkey first. I substituted walnuts for pecan nuts and also added some banana aroma to really get a good banana taste. The ice cream turned out alright, but I think that I left it in the ice cream...