Cheddar & Bacon Popcorn

I found these popcorn a few months ago when I was browsing the isles of ‘Mad & Vin’- a supermarket in Magasin Copenhagen. It’s a high end supermarket and I love to go there every now and then. The price is of course also a bit ‘high end’ so it’s not a place I go grocery shopping, but rather go to find exclusive and rare products. And that’s exactly what I found the last time I was there. Cheddar and bacon popcorn!! I have never seen that before, despite the fact that I lived in New York City for almost three years and I found plenty of quirky products over there. We have had them on the shelf for quite...

My new photo app

I am a happy owner of an iPhone and have been for the past year and a half. One of the things I really like is the wealth of photo apps I can download. I have always loved taking pictures of everything from friends, nature, everyday experiences and of course food. Instagram is probably the app I use the most, and now I have discovered a small bonus app which can also be used on Instagram. I found the app after I had seen some of my friends put pictures up of small collages. I thought it looked cool, and then went hunting for the app.