Spring salad

One of the many things I love about spring is all of the new vegetables popping up in the supermarkets. Suddenly it’s just a bit more fun to go shopping for dinner. We are going to a wedding next weekend and I need to squeeze myself into a beautiful dress, so we are eating lots and lots of vegetables this week. And that’s how this salad came about. It’s very fresh, light and crunchy.

Fresh and crunchy salad

Whenever we have salad for dinner – or as a side- I try not to make the same old tomato, lettuce and cucumber mix. I want to make something different, fresh and a bit creative. And this salad is a new favorite to my salad repertoire. I found the recipe here the other week when I was surfing other blogs and it looked so delicious that I made it that  evening as a side to chicken. I love that is has a lot of crunch, freshness and still a bit of creaminess from the avocado.  Ingredients

Chickpea and herb salad

I love chickpea salads, especially with a bunch of herbs and lemon. But you can mix it up as you like really.  I like it because it’s a nice alternative to a rice or pasta dish and its fresh and full of flavor. I made this salad last night as a side dish for dinner. The recipe is a variation of a Jamie Oliver dish he put up on his facebook page yesterday. I think it was meant to be an alternative to a meat dish, but I like my meat and made pork loin steaks to go with the salad.

Potato and Corn Salad

It’s the middle of August, its raining outside and I’m wrapped in a toasty blanket. It feels so much like fall it knocking on the door, and I am just not ready for it. Summer needs to stay just a little longer. BBQ’s, trips to the beach, warm summer nights, I’m not done yet! So for dinner tonight I made a fresh potato salad that tastes just like summer. A few but lovely fresh ingredients is all you need.

Summer Salad with Watermelon and Feta Cheese

  Another day, another salad. And now that we have begun our salad adventure, I want to make sure that it’s interesting and varied salads we eat.  And this one is definitely interesting. I have heard of this salad for some time now, but since it’s not until recently that I began eating feta cheese, I have never thought about making it. But now its summer and I wanted to make a fresh salad full of flavor and crunch. It’s a lovely mix of sweet from the watermelon and salty, yet creamy form the feta cheese. And the mint is just yummy, it adds that little extra something that makes this salad great. -As something new ( with the help...

Spelt Grain Salad with Dried Apricots and Toasted Pine Nuts

It’s a new week, almost a new month and we have decided to try a new way of eating –with lots and lots of salads – after all we have to make some room for all of the delicious food we’ll be eating this summer in Rome. Yes, and because its just good sense to eat healthier. Monday night we had salad on the menu. A salad with lots of different vegetables and boiled spelt grains. So it is very filling and full of different flavors.

Fresh February salad with apples, pomegranate and citrus dressing

This past Friday we had friends over for dinner. We kept it kind of light and made salmon with two salads; Sillas’ favorite quinoa salad and a new salad from a new cookbook I bought recently. It’s a Danish book called ‘amazing salads – all year round’ and it really is amazing. Full of great salad and side dish recipes. I especially love that there are recipes for fall and winter, because I usually can’t figure out what to put in a salad. The salad I chose for our dinner is a February salad called Gils Salad. Its inspired by a salad the author tried at a Israeli restaurant in Tel-Aviv. Its quite simple, but very fresh and tasty. And...

Jamie Oliver’s candied bacon green salad

So I figured that it was about time to continue my journey through Jamie Oliver’s America cookbook. On tonight’s menu was candied bacon green salad.  I was a bit iffy about the idea of sweetening bacon. I love bacon, but salty bacon, not sweet and sticky. And I’ll be honest; I might have burned the bacon…slightly, just slightly. So therefore I cannot really tell you if sweet bacon works – for me at least. But the rest if the dish is very tasty, fresh and just yummy. I usually don’t like fruit in my salad, but it works very well in this dish. It’s a lovely contrast to the crispy croutons. The dressing is nice and tangy, something I really...

January chopped salad with pesto chicken

This salad is very very simple, easy and full of good veggies. The pesto works really well with the chicken and adding warm chicken to a salad with mozzarella is just so tasty. I can eat this salad any time of the year, but I think that it woks really well here in January after having eaten all of the rich and, well, fatty food over the holidays. Its very fresh, crunchy and fulfilling. I brought a portion with me for lunch at the office today, and the salad is just as good served cold the next day.